Tracfone Alcatel PIXI Unite A466BG Phone Cases and Covers

Cases and Covers for Tracfone Alcatel PIXI UniteCheck out the best cases and covers for TracFone Alcatel PIXI Unite A466BG that works perfectly well to protect the phone and in the same time offer all sort of properties to ensure people convenience.

Are you looking for the perfect cover and cases for your TracFone Alcatel PIXI Unite A466BG? When you are looking for phone cases, there are lots of thing to consider such as its design, material, additional properties and also price. Here are the top five cases and cover for Alcatel PIXI Unite that worth to consider.

Alcatel PIXI Unite Wallet Case by ONX3

Alcatel PIXI Unite Wallet Case by ONX3

A case with dual purpose is what you can get from this one. Not only your PIXI Unite will fit perfectly on this phone case, you also can use it as a wallet, with ample of pockets to keep your money and credit card. This case made from synthetic leather and it covered the whole part of the phone, with exception on the area of the buttons and ports. It has unique sliding cradle where you can slide the phone up to take picture without have to release the whole case.

Alcatel PIXI Unite Flip Case by ONX3

Alcatel PIXI Unite Flip Case by ONX3

This particular phone case has unique top flip (not side flip like most cases) design. It uses high quality synthetic leather that was dyed to make it looks like real leather, which is cost effective. Magnetic clasp was used to secure everything on the case including credit card and even some money stored in one of its pocket. This case also use sliding cradle where you can slide it up whenever you want to take picture with it.

Alcatel PIXI Unite Blue Belt Clip Holster Case by ONX3

Alcatel PIXI Unite Belt Clip Holster Case by ONX3

The belt clip and belt loop on this case is easy to operate, simply attach it to any belt that you wear. The phone is safely protected inside the case and closed with magnetic clasp that is easy to open. The design is simple; where you can take out the phone and place it back inside easily. The package comes with a set of aluminum earphones that managed to produce good quality sounds.

Alcatel PIXI Unite Black Belt Clip Holster Case by ONX3

Alcatel PIXI Unite Belt Clip Holster Case by ONX3 Black

It’s nice and elegant black color blend perfectly well with any color of belt and clothes you wear. It also have belt clip and belt loop to attach on any kind of belt, which makes it easier to carry around. The phone is fully covered inside this case, so no need to worry for dust, fingerprint, shock and scratches. A set of aluminum earphones with nice quality sounds is a nice additional touch that comes within the package.

Alcatel PIXI Unite Generic Flip Case

Alcatel PIXI Unite Generic Flip Case

This is a universal case that also work great for Alcatel PIXI Unite. The first thing that you will notice is its colorful design. The design made with top Epson UV ink printing, where its bright color will remain permanently for your pleasure. Since it was universal case, you may be able to use it with other phone as well. There is no room for small part camera, so you better have no problem with that.

The perfect cover and cases will protect the phone all day long. It will keep the phone safes from scratches, dust and everything else that may damage the phone. Be wise and choose the right cover for your phone.


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  1. I bought the Alcatel PIXI unit A466BG phone for my son with the understanding that I could purchase a hard rubber base case on line. I have spend a great deal of time on line with no luck. Is their such a case made? it seems every other mfg. makes one for their phones.

      • I am looking for 2 Alcatel PIXI UNITE cases and I am having the same issue! These holster-style cases are aesthetically unappealing and don’t seem to properly protect the phone.

        If anyone knows where to find a case resembling the Otter Box model and befitting a young boy and girl, please reply.

      • Same as the others. I bought one for my son, can’t find a normal rubber case for it anywhere. I found one person selling them on eBay, but the image was for a completely different phone so who knows.

  2. No where can I find a hard or rubber sleeve or case for my Alcatel PIXI unite phone, I was told I could find one online. I got a pocket case but when you put the phone in it, it’s hard to hear it ring. If you know where I can get one let me know, I have searched the web, over and over… very frustrating

  3. I bought a Alcatel tracfone model A466BG phone. I have ordered two different covers for it and they do not work. I would like a base case or cover.

  4. I am looking for a rubberized case for my trac phone. It is an alcatel phone, model A466BG. I ordered one online and it does not fit. I would like to order another, but would like one that fits!If you could set me up with where I can get this cover, I would gladly order one! Thank you

    • I found one on eBay thru manamomo26. It is a Gel Case but that is better than nothing. I just ordered it. 8 colors to choose from. Search for TPU Flexible Skin Gel Case Phone Cover For One Touch Pixi Unite A466B6. It specifially says it only fits this phone. Ships from Monterey CA $8.98 and free shipping. Happy shopping…..

  5. I am not finding any cases on sale for my Pixi Alcatel smartphone. It is so limited in features, even for a budget priced phone plan.

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