TCL 30 T (T603DL) User Manual

Discover the right way to use or customize your phone with a brief summary of the TCL 30 T user manual. Read it thoroughly, and you can download it later.

Alcatel TCL 30T User Manual

Getting a new phone is always exciting. We may want to unbox it immediately and use the phone right away. However, no matter how excited you are, you need to read the user manual first to know the device better.

The TCL 30 T looks like any other smartphone. By a glance, there is nothing fancy about the device. But without you knowing it, there are a lot of features and functions that may be useful for you.

In this summary of the TCL 30 T (T603DL) user manual, we are going to discuss the information provided in the document. Make sure to read this, so you will have the overview.

Text Input

This chapter is perfect for a new user of a touch screen smartphone. To input texts into the smartphone, it may be difficult and confusing. On the TCL 30 T, you can use the touch-screen keyboard to type on the phone.

The user manual contains the guidance to adjust the on-screen keyboard settings. You can learn how to operate the Google keyboard and know each function. You can also learn how to edit the text that you have typed or insert a new text.

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Get more advanced with the Messages feature in this chapter. With a TCL 30 T smartphone, you can send and receive SMS and MMS. This chapter tells you how to write a message, manage the messages, and set some adjustments to the message settings. Included, set the bubble texts, set the country, and enable spam protection.


The TCL 30 T smartphone is equipped with a dual-rear camera that also has a flash camera on its back. Take your photography skills to the next level while reading this Camera chapter of the user manual.

Here, you will find how to use the camera properly to take a picture or take a video. You can even use the available mode that you want to and change the camera’s settings.

Getting Connected

Today, everyone needs the internet to stay connected with the world. With the TCL 30 T smartphone, you can enjoy the experience of connecting – not only with the internet but also with other features.

First, you will get the information to connect to the internet by using a 4G network and Wi-Fi. You can also learn how to connect with Bluetooth, a computer, and connect with the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Google Applications

The Google applications are preloaded on the TCL 30 T phone. These apps can help users improve their work, make it more efficient, and get entertained.

You will find those apps complete with the descriptions in the user manual. Those apps include Play Store, Chrome, Maps and Youtube. There are also Drive, Google TV, Duo, Photos, and Google Assistant. Remember to log in with your Google account to experience the apps.


Not satisfied with the default settings for the TCL 30 T smartphone? No worries, in this chapter, you will find out what functions you can change and how you do it.

You can change the phone’s display, such as the wallpaper, font size, and theme. You can also adjust the NXTVISION settings and the sound settings and, importantly, improve the phone’s security.

Download User Manual

The TCL 30 T (T603DL) user manual comes as insightful guidance for users to know each feature and function of the phone. You can also get some tips and tricks on this. If you are interested in knowing more, download the full document in the link that we already provided for you to read.

Download: TCL 30 T User Manual (PDF)

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