10 Best Alcatel TCL A1 Phone Cases and Screen Protector

These are the 10 best Alcatel TCL A1 phone cases and screen protectors to buy on the market including reviews to guide you find top-rated cases.

Alcatel TCL A1 Phone Cases

When it comes to affordable Android phones, Alcatel has many choices. One of the best of their products is Alcatel TCL A1 which provides a premium-looking design and essential features.

This phone has quite widescreen, good output quality, and cameras. Pair your phone with cases to protect its original device and keep it from accidental drops you may experience.

Before you decide to buy a phone case for your phone, you will make sure to read reviews from reputable sources somewhere else. We give our best suggestions here to save your time.

You could see the best Alcatel TCL A1 phone cases below. These cases are updated to the trends of 2020, so you can be assured that the recommendation is up-to-date.

Alcatel TCL A1 Armor Phone Case by Eagle Cell

Alcatel TCL A1 Armor Phone Case by Eagle Cell

If you are OK to add a bit of bulk to your phone, Eagle Cell’s Armor Phone case for Alcatel TCL A1 can be considered as the best option for you. This case has a good price to buy, a belt clip holster that allows your phone to stand and military-grade protection.

Its rugged exterior protects your phone from scratches, dust, finger marks, and unintentional drops. The custom-cut helps you to control both button and port functions. Installing this simple slide case requires no additional materials. This case also provides a feature for charging your phone on a wireless charger.

Alcatel TCL A1 Textured Embossed Case by IDEA LINE

Alcatel TCL A1 Textured Embossed Case by IDEA LINE

Looking for an Alcatel TCL A1 phone case that includes tempered glass screen protector? This Textured Embossed Case from IDEA LINE is a perfect match to meet your expectations. It gives you a stylish look while also ensuring that your phone is safe from accidental falls and impact shock.

This case has embossed lines with a texture that make a good grip on your hands. Fashionable and chic style with unique diagonal lines around the cover and wallet wristlet. Open design is precise to allow maximum phone functionality to be accessed. Not only that, to give the screen extra security, but you also get a premium quality tempered glass screen protector.

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Alcatel TCL A1 Shockproof Phone Case by Phonelicious

Alcatel TCL A1 Shockproof Phone Case by Phonelicious

Want to cover your Alcatel TCL A1 phone with a high-quality protective case? Or maybe you want a rugged-looking, reinforced security phone case? Phonelicious armored phone case is exactly what you need. Made from the exterior of a hard polycarbonate and soft silicone inside, this rugged case gives your phone unrivaled impact resistance and shock proofing.

It is built to gracefully absorb shock without denting or scratching. You will be sure that even after one year of use it still looks as good as new. Also, the bevels buttons are precisely placed and provide excellent tactile feedback which makes them super easy to use.

Alcatel TCL A1 Glitter Liquid Case by NageBee

Alcatel TCL A1 Glitter Liquid Case by NageBee

Say farewell to the boring and dull case! In this beautiful case by NageBee, seeing the glitters float freely is just awesome and relieving stress, giving your Alcatel TCL A1 a whole fresh outlook and showing off to your friends. It has soft TPU material of high quality, making this girly slim clear case flexible and bendable from cracking to avoid leakage.

The use of liquid has passed safety checks so be sure it will not harm anyone. Silicone technology offers a comfortable grip and slim profile with long-lasting protection against scratches and scrapes. Precise cut openings allow direct access to all buttons and ports to lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces with a raised bezel.

Alcatel TCL A1 Floral Leather Case by Lacass

Alcatel TCL A1 Floral Leather Case by Lacass

This beautiful and functional Lacass case with floral leather will protect your Alcatel TCL A1 as well as your style. Its premium leather with synthetic PU prevents fingerprints, dirt, and scratches. This phone case also offers four-corner safety through the high-quality soft TPU inner skin shell and shock-absorbing material.

The case has an internal pocket to hold several credit cards, licenses or business cards with separate cash insert conveniently. There is a flip function in the cover for turning the case into a horizontal viewing stand. With the cover case, make it easy to watch a movie or video on your phone.

Alcatel TCL A1 Flip Wallet Case by Magic Brand Inc

Alcatel TCL A1 Flip Wallet Case by Magic Brand Inc

The next case on this list of best Alcatel TCL A1 phone cases is Magic Brand Inc flip wallet case. This wallet case is made from a high-quality TPU that covers your phone device like a leather glove and polyurethane material which gives you an elegant and sleek look. It is against unintentional bumps, unintended drops, scratches, bruises, or stains.

There are also slots for various credit cards and cash with external magnet buttons to ensure that all your personal belongings remain safely inside. This case provides an all-in-one secure case for wallets and digital devices, and the front cover even folds into a stand. Installation is easy to snap on/off and cut precisely for your switches, ports, camera, and flash.

Alcatel TCL A1 Shockproof Glitter Case by Phonelicious

Alcatel TCL A1 Shockproof Glitter Case by Phonelicious

Protect your Alcatel TCL A1 with this Phonelicious shockproof glitter case. This impact-resistant shockproof case features a dual-layer system which guarantees optimum safety. It features an external layer of hardened polycarbonate, and a soft shock absorbing an internal layer of silicone for added protection.

Additionally, this case includes a 2-in-1 hard and soft shield hybrid PC and silicone skin case that covers the protective cover case feature.

Premium hybrid materials are used to protect the front corners, sides, and back to avoid scratches and unintentional drops. The ports and bevels of the buttons are cut precisely so you can always have full access to all the buttons.

Alcatel TCL A1 Holster Pouch Case by Bemz Depot

The Bemz Depot holster carry pouch case is made of premium durable high-quality PU vinyl leather for protection and a classic look and feel of leather. Installed with a slim case, the pouch will fit the device. The interior is filled with soft non-scratch material that protects against scuffs and scratches on your phone.

The carrying case includes a flip cover with a magnetic closing button which keeps the front cover secure. It has 2 inner card slot holders, it has two belt loops for a sturdy hold with a belt around the waist.

Moreover, this case offers excellent drop protection and protects from scratches and other damage. To help keep your phone clean, it includes a Bemz Depot Atom microfiber cleaning cloth.

Alcatel TCL A1 Blue Metallic Case by Magic Brand Inc

While phone cases brand only provide its main product which is a phone case, Magic Brand Inc gives you a double bonus in this Blue Metallic Case. You will get a blue metallic case and screen protector included in the package.

The case also has a double-layer brushed cover, which has a soft silicone inner layer skin with a tough outer shell that matches the silicone skin on top.

It is specially built to fit comfortably on your device without disrupting the use of functions or ports on your phone. With a durable dual-layer full-body construction, your phone will have protection from drops, scratches, dust, and bumps.

Alcatel TCL A1 Screen Protector by Supershieldz

Alcatel TCL A1 Screen Protector by Supershieldz

To end this list, there is the screen protector from Supershieldz that is made from the high-quality Japanese PET film for easy installation and no residue when removed. Constructed in five layers, it protects your screen from daily scratches, dust, and scrapes.

It also has scratch resistant surface polymer and a hardened protective mask to prevent deep cuts damaging your device. Additionally, this screen protector provides a patented silicone gel that creates a vacuum to securely clear to the device screen. This screen protector uses no adhesive and there is no spraying anything to the protector or the device.

So for this list, you have some of the best Alcatel TCL A1 phone cases and screen protectors. We are hoping that our suggestions will help you find the right, protective, and convenient phone case. If you have any concerns about any of the above cases please ask them below.

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