10 Best Alcatel TCL A1X Phone Cases and Screen Protector

Top 10 best Alcatel TCL A1X cases and screen protectors for different types of use. Find out an extensive range of cases with the best protections.

Alcatel TCL A1X Phone Cases

Aiming to cater to low-end users, Alcatel added another member to their budget phones catalog, Alcatel TCL A1X. The phone is considered to be the perfect choice for users who want simplicity at the most affordable price.

Despite its “cheap” label, Alcatel TCL A1X still provides a pleasant appearance with its rugged-style look for everyday users who don’t mind a lot about specs.

However, this phone comes with a 5.5-inch display and a plastic body, which is prone to scratches and damage when dropped or stored in your pocket.

Therefore, this article is perfect for you. We are going to review some of the best Alcatel TCL A1X phone cases to help you protect your phone from disasters.

Alcatel TCL A1X Hybrid Cover Case by PhoneTastic

Alcatel TCL A1X Hybrid Cover Case by PhoneTastic

This hybrid cover case by PhoneTastic (PT) gives your Alcatel TCL A1X a premium quality build through its dual-layer protection. The back cover may look a bit rugged to people who prefer clean design. Luckily, this case comes in ten different colors that are pleasing to the eye, from black to teal.

PT also provides a tempered glass protector to keep scratches and scuffs at bay. This hybrid cover case and tempered glass alone is a perfect combination. They can ease your mind when using your phone during intense activity. Furthermore, PT gives a free universal sticker stand so you can mount your phone anywhere.

Alcatel TCL A1X Shockproof Protective Case by CasemartUSA

Alcatel TCL A1X Shockproof Protective Case by CasemartUSA

In terms of appearance, this protective case by CasemartUSA is similar to the previous one. You can find the exact same pattern design on the back. However, this case has two eccentric cutouts which make it a bit more unique than the PT’s case.

CasemartUSA aims to market this case for users with intense usage. Phones with polycarbonate material are notorious for their poor performance when dissipating heat. They often get hot faster than other materials namely glass and metal.

That’s why CasemartUSA provides an inner skin wrap to dissipate the heat better. The wrap is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which is resistant to oil and abrasion.

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Alcatel TCL A1X Military Grade Case by Phonelicious

Alcatel TCL A1X Military Grade Case by Phonelicious

In spite of its military-grade status, Phonelicious makes the Alcatel TCL A1X look more gorgeous with this case. Unlike most cases in this grade, this case has a straightforward look without unnecessary features. Phonelicious understands users who are looking for a simply designed yet protective case.

Your phone will be covered with dual cover layers. The back cover is clear and made from silicone. Meanwhile, the edges are made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC). You can also install and remove the case without any hassle. The case is available in four different colors, black, rose gold, red, and silver.

Alcatel TCL A1X Slim Ring-Holder Case by Wireless Accessories

If you’re into phone cases with multiple features, we really recommend this case made by Wireless Accessories. The manufacturer adds a ring-holder which can be rotated 360 degrees. You can also remove the sticker to use the magnetic car holder feature.

Unfortunately, these additional features come with tradeoffs. This case weighs 4 ounces which are heavier than the three previous cases above.

Compared to the other cases, this ring-holder case has a “busier” pattern on the back. This may be a turn-off for users who want a classic looking style. The tempered glass coming with this case is also smaller than the actual screen size.

Alcatel TCL A1X Belt Holster Case by Z-GEN

Alcatel TCL A1X Belt Holster Case by Z-GEN

This belt holster case by Z-GEN is probably the best case for users who like to watch videos on their phones. With a kickstand on its back, you can put your phone on a flat surface hands-free while watching a movie. However, you should be careful when opening the kickstand in case it’s jammed.

You can also hook your phone on your backpack or belt since this case also has a clip. The back cover looks sturdy. This case can protect your phone from bumps and scratches. Unfortunately, its material and thickness will probably add a tad bulk to your phone.

Alcatel TCL A1X Glitter Women Case by E-Began

Alcatel TCL A1X Glitter Women Case by E-Began

We are calling all women who are not fond of rugged and bulky phone cases. Say no more to dull-looking case designs. This phone is a revelation and a tremendous invention. As the name suggests, this case by E-Began comes with adorable heart-shaped glitters. This stunning case will grab everyone’s attention.

Although the case appears to be unsophisticated, its silicone can protect your phone from scratches. Weighing only 0.2 ounces, this case is comfortable to grip and doesn’t make your phone bulky. However, we’re not really sure about its drop protection. You better be careful when holding your phone when using this case.

Alcatel TCL A1X Hybrid Phone Case by DALUX

The moment you lay eyes on this hybrid phone case by DALUX, your eyes will most likely focus on its back cover. If the previous case looks girly, DALUX offers six manly graphic variants for this case. Not only the back cover looks appealing, but also its shell back cover provides outstanding drop protection.

You can also find a built-in kickstand on the back to help you view media contents without holding the phone at all. The case is also equipped with a belt clip holster which can be rotated up to 180 degrees. Another plus point, this case has a good camera cut out. It can protect your camera on flat terrain.

Alcatel TCL A1X Flip Wallet Case by Magic Brand Inc

Alcatel TCL A1X Flip Wallet Case by Magic Brand Inc

Not a fan of bulky cases? This flip wallet case by Magic Brand Inc will probably fit your taste the best. If the previous cases give you a sturdy impression, this one will make your phone look stylish. Its synthetic leather material also gives you a sleek look while protecting your phone from stains and scratches.

Starting from only $5.5, this becomes one of the cheapest cases in this list. Being cheap does not make this case have low quality and functionality. You can turn the front cover into a kickstand. Since this is a wallet case, you can store multiple cards and money in its slots.

Alcatel TCL A1X Patterned Shockproof Case by Tommulti

Alcatel TCL A1X Patterned Shockproof Case by Tommulti

If you prefer a case at an even cheaper price, you should add this phone case by Tommulti to your shopping cart. With only $4.59, you can get a patterned shockproof case with dual-layer protection. The case protects your phone from common bumps, dirt, and mild scratches.

Aside from its great protection, this case gives your Alcatel TCL A1X a fresh look with its butterfly motive. This motive also comes in three different variants, which may look quite girly to some people. But this Tommulti case is easy to remove and also has a perfect camera cutout on the back.

Alcatel TCL A1X Screen Protector by Supershieldz

Alcatel TCL A1X Screen Protector by Supershieldz

Supershieldz is best-known for its tough screen protectors in the market. The brand offers high-quality screen protectors for various phones, including Alcatel TCL A1X.

Say goodbye to annoying air bubbles, this tempered glass screen protector is easy to install. You get maximum scratch protection and minimum smudges thanks to its hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating. You can also wipe off fingerprints on your screen effortlessly.

The screen protector has 2.5D rounded edge glass and makes your phone comfortable to grip. Your fingers won’t touch the screen unintentionally when browsing your favorite sites or playing games. Supershieldz provides two screen protectors per pack and an installing kit.

The products above are some of the best Alcatel TCL A1X phone cases and screen protectors available online. These cases and screen protectors will give you peace of mind no matter how intense your usage pattern is. Some of these cases also have reasonable prices which won’t make your wallet scream.

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