Buy Extra Texts with Tracfone Text Only Card

Add More Text Messages with Tracfone Text Message Card – Enjoy using the latest text only card from Tracfone where you can buy only text messages for your device without have to add more talk airtime or data airtime that you don’t need for your convenience.

What kind of activity that you do the most with your smartphone? Do you use it to listen to music, send message to your friend, make call every now and then, or you use it mostly to browse around the internet. Each and everyone have different need when it comes to smartphone and some of them use it mostly to send text message other than to make call or browsing around.

Buy Extra Texts with Tracfone Text Only Card

If you fall into that categories and you use Tracfone smartphone, then you can enjoy the latest feature from this prepaid phone service company. Recently, Tracfone just add new type of prepaid card that you can purchase to add the amount of text message that you can send with your device, without have to add talk airtime and data.

It means that if you already run out of text message quota in your Tracfone smartphone, and you want to add it, you don’t have to buy new card that will add the call time, text and data. You can purchase the special text card that gives you additional text only, and of course it is available in much more affordable price.

This new card worked differently with the regular minute card. Regular minute card from Tracfone usually will provide you with certain number of call time, text message and data. When you purchase airtime card and top it off on your smartphone, it will tripled the amount of airtime for each aspect.

This new text only card is different from that, because when you purchase it, you will only get additional text message without get it tripled up and without any additional day service. What do you think? Do you think it is a good deal? Let’s try to dig deeper into it, to see whether it really worth it or not!

1000 Text Message Card from Tracfone

Right now, there is only one option for text card only from Tracfone, where you can get 1000 texts for $10 $5. It means you only have to pay 0.5 cent per text. Compare it with the regular time card such as the 1500 minute card that gives you 1500 texts tripled into 4500 texts for $199. It means you have to pay 4.4 cent per text. What about the 450 minute card? With this card you will get 450 texts, tripled into 1350 texts for $79, which means that you have to pay 6 cents per text.

It shows that using Tracfone Text Message Card is definitely a good deal that you can use, only if you are a heavy text user. But if you need to make regular call, browsing as well as texting, then the best options is to buy the regular minute card.

Now, it is up to you to make the decision whether you want to use this special card, or you rather use the regular card. Choose the one that really meet your personal use only. Remember that this special card works only for Tracfone smartphone, so if you use the non-smartphone device, you don’t have any other option besides using the regular minute card.

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