Coverage Area of Tracfone

Tracfone offers nationwide coverage footprint that can cover 90% population of United States. Most of people and the customers questioning about the carriers related to the given area. They want to know when it is in a given area, what carrier that they could get for their phone.

You can click here to test your zip code and narrow down your carrier options. Using this feature, you can narrow down your carrier option to know which carrier you can get in your area.

Coverage Area of Tracfone

Tracfone can give this feature while others cannot give the stable prediction of what carrier in a certain area their customer will get. It is because Tracfone has recommended carriers for certain areas after Tracfone‘s line inventories the carriers and the areas from day to day.

The primary technology for Tracfone is GSM technology. That is why most of Tracfone customers use GSM carriers. The most used GSM carriers by Tracfone’s customers is GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile.

The customers usually use one of those two carriers according to their preference. This GSM technology requires a SIM card to store the phone programming and other files or data like images and contacts that the customers want to keep them in their phone.

GSM technology also mostly chosen because it has the best rates and could gives the chance for the customers to save their money more than using other technology like CDMA. Tracfone prefer GSM according to that reason, and they could offer GSM market customer their Double Minutes for Life plan bundles to sell more GSM phones.

There are many advantages that the customers could get from using GSM technology provide by Tracfone. For the example, Tracfone offers an extended grace period on those GSM phones. This grace period is offered longer than 15 seconds as it usually the period taken by the person being called to answer in CDMA phones.

This extended grace for GSM phones can give more time for you who use this feature to get that extended time as the time allowed before your phone begins to deduct minutes. Tracfone gives free charge of new SIM card for you if you want to ship your SIM card for get new phone number, although for two or three business days while your SIM card is in transit, your phone will be out of service.

The secondary technology for Tracfone is CDMA technology that used by approximately 10% of Tracfone’s customer. Most of them are using Verizon carrier and the other are using US Cellular carrier that offered by Tracfone.

While GSM technology requires a SIM card to store the phone programming and other files or data, CDMA technology does not requires SIM card and the phone programming and other data are stored internally within the phone.

Based on the fact that Tracfone does not get quite good pricing on CDMA phones, it does not advertise as much as it advertises the GSM phones. It also has high roaming rates and their grace is just 15 seconds. However, they still offer their Double Minute of Life bundle to with CDMA phones provided by Tracfone.

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