Difference Between Tracfone Android and Non-Android Devices

Find out what are the differences between Android and non-Android device from Tracfone to help you decide which phone that works for your need or is it worth it to upgrade to Tracfone Android smartphone.

Tracfone, as a prepaid phone company provides cell phone along with the service to use it. As for the phone, there are two major types to understand, the non-Android and Android device. But what are the differences between those two types other than the obvious Android operating system itself.

Difference Between Tracfone Android and Non-Android Devices

Now, there are at least 7 differences between both types that you should take into consideration when choosing between those two:

  1. The way minutes works
  2. Android device and non-Android device work differently in the way minutes work. In non-Android device, the minute that people enter is the one that they will get. For example, if people enter 60 Minute Card, they will get 60 minutes airtime that they can use for make call, text and internet. Specifically for texting, each text only cost 0.3 minute

    In Android device, the minutes that people enter will be split into three different areas of usage, call time, text and data. It means that if people enter 60 Minute Card, they will get 60 minutes talk time, 60 text and 60 MB data. The amount of airtime will be tripled to 180 with Triple Minutes for Life on all Android devices.

  3. Promo Codes
  4. Most Tracfone user is already familiar with the use of promo codes where they can get extra minutes when they top off their phone. In some cases, people can get up to 300 extra free minutes to use and that is such a deal that is hard to miss.

    Sad thing is, this promo code don’t work for Android device. It only work with non-Android device from Tracfone, so anyone who use Tracfone Android smartphone will only get what they pay for (and Triple Minutes for Life) without have the chance to use promo codes to get more.

  5. Price
  6. Since Android phones from Tracfone are usually newer then it is very understandable that the price is higher than the non-Android device. It is highly recommended to browse around from one place to another to find the best deal for Android smartphone.

    If price is your main concern, then opt for the non-Android device although you actually can find Android device that is pretty affordable as long as you keep on looking.

  7. Touch screen technology
  8. Most smartphone this day use touch screen technology with almost no physical button. This is also the same thing that you will find on Android device from Tracfone. Each and every one of them using touch screen technology, something that you must familiar with.

    The non-Android device usually has no touch screen where you use physical button to operate it. Most of non-Android device from Tracfone comes with physical button that you can feel and touch, such as the physical QWERTY keypads.

  9. The ability to access Google Play Store
  10. Android smartphone has the ability to access thousands of application from Google Play Store or from other places for free or for a few dollars. The applications that Android devices can access range from entertainment apps, game app, and other app that each is capable of different function, which allow user to use their device for so many things that they can’t even imagine before.

    In the other hand, non-Android device has no such ability. It able to use the features that is already available on the phone such as music player and alarm, without the chance to add more.

  11. Charge for the received text
  12. This is another difference between non-Android devices and Android device from smartphone. If you use non-Android device, you have the ability to choose not to read a text that you received, thus you won’t get charged for it.

    That is not the case with Android device. You will get charged for every text you receive even though you didn’t read it in the first place. The difference may not be so obvious, but you will notice it if you receive lots of spam text.

  13. Roaming
  14. Roaming happen if you subscribe to a specific wireless service provider but end up using the facilities from another wireless service provider. It could happen for different reason but usually occur when you make or receive calls outside your network coverage area.

    Roaming is also another aspect that differentiates Android device and non-Android devices from Tracfone. Non-Android device will be charge one unit of airtime per minute or even two unit of airtime per minute depend on the device itself.

    But that is not the case with Android device. All Tracfone smartphone and also the phones that goes into BYOP program do not roam, so your phone will become useless if you leaves your local coverage area.

Those are the differences between the Android devices and non-Android devices from Tracfone. If you are in the process of looking for a phone that capable to meet your need, then Tracfone has lots to offer for both types. You can use this information when you trying to decide whether Android phone from Tracfone is the one you need or you can have it all with the non-Android device.

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