How to Perform Factory Reset on Tracfone Samsung SGH-S390G

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Samsung SGH-S390G – Hard reset or factory reset may help you to solve problem that occurred to your Tracfone Samsung SGH-390G and it is pretty easy to do it by following these simple step by step guide.

Short battery life is a very annoying problem that could happen to your phone. It means that you have to charge the battery more often than you should and it limited the freedom of using the phone. If that is the problem that you are dealing now with your Tracfone Samsung SGH-S390G, then you need to deal with it right away.

Factory Reset on Tracfone Samsung SGH-S390G

This phone has up to 6 hour of talk time and 12 days of standby time. That is pretty standard, but if you find that it last less than that, you may need to take notice and pay better attention. If the problem persist, then you may have to do hard reset, that will bring it back to its factory default and should be able to clear this problem.

If you are interested in doing this, then please follow this guide on how to do hard reset on Tracfone Samsung SGH-S390G:

  1. From the idle screen, choose Menu > Settings.
  2. In Settings menu you will find different options, go to Phone > Reset Phone.
  3. When a prompt message “All Settings reset to factory defaults. Continue?” appear, press “Yes” to continue the process.
  4. You need to enter phone password before you can move to then next step.
  5. Press the “Confirm” soft key as the final confirmation.
  6. Wait until the process is complete where the “Reset Phone done” confirmation will be displayed on the screen

This action should be able to solve the battery life problem that happens to this non-Android device. Unlike hard reset on an Android phone, this action will not erase the data such as contact, messages and picture from the phone, so some people may think that is unnecessary to back up the data.

But it will be wise to do it nonetheless. There is always a possibility that things go wrong and everything wiped out and you surely don’t want to lose all those data. If you want to delete all the phone’s data, choose Menu > Settings > Phone > Restore Phone.

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