FAQ about BYOP Program from Tracfone

This is the list of the most common questions (FAQ) about BYOP program from Tracfone along with the answer to help you get better understanding about the program and how to join it.

What is BYOP Program from Tracfone?

BYOP or Bring Your Own Phone is a program from Tracfone that gives the chance for everyone to enjoy Tracfone service by registering their phone. As long as the phone is compatible with BYOP service plan, then it will be accepted into the program. Right now almost all 4G LTE or 3G smartphone are compatible with this program. It also work for Verizon CDMA phone and also AT&T GSM phone.

What is the meaning of GSM and CDMA?

GSM (Global System for Mobile) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is a cell phone service technology where both works on different network. Among many mobile network operators in the US this day, there are four operators that stand out where two of them using CDMA and the other two use GSM.

AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM networks for all their cell phone service, while Sprint and Verizon use CDMA networks for all their cell phone service.

How do I Join BYOP Program?

Follow these steps to join BYOP program (or refer to our page about how to join Tracfone BYOP):

  1. Check for compatibility
  2. You need to check whether your phone is compatible with Tracfone BYOP program or not. You can check this compatibility at http://get.tracfone.com/byop and choose the “Check Compatibility” option. Enter the IMEI or MEID number of your phone and you will get the result of its compatibility.

  3. Find out whether you need Tracfone BYOP SIM or not
  4. You can find the details of everything that you need to prepare before you can join the program when you already check the compatibility of your phone on Tracfone BYOP page.

  5. Choose the right Tracfone BYOP Activation Kit
  6. There are two available options Tracfone SIM Card Activation Kit:

    – You need Tracfone BYOP AT&T Compatible SIM if you owned a phone that compatible with AT&T service or an unlocked GSM phone.
    – You need Tracfone CDMA Compatible BYOP SIM if you owned a CDMA compatible LTE phone.

    If for some reason you get your activation package that didn’t include a CDMA compatible LTE SIM and your phone is CDMA compatible phone, you need to go back to Tracfone BYOP page and select “Register CDMA” before move on to the next step. Tracfone will send out the card for you.

  7. Register the CDMA compatible phone
  8. Before you activate the service, please go to http://get.tracfone.com/byop and select “Register CDMA”. After that, follow the prompt until it completed

  9. Activate Tracfone BYOP Service
  10. This is the last step of acquiring Tracfone BYOP service. To activate the service, you need to go to http://get.tracfone.com/byop, the select the “ACTIVATION” button on the top of the page, after that select “ACTIVATE GSM” or “ACTIVATE CDMA”. Follow the steps until it finished and you got your service active and ready to use.

Where can I Find the Tracfone BYOP Phone List?

Most GSM and CDMA smartphones are compatible with Tracfone BYOP program. If you got yourself a brand new smartphone then chance are your phone is compatible. Click here to check your phone compatibility.

How can I obtain 4G LTE TracFone BYOP service?

Most 4G LTE or 3G smartphones are compatible with Tracfone service plans. Click here to check your phone compatibility.

Where can I Find the Tracfone BYOP APN Settings?

Specifically for GSM phone, you have to update the Data APN settings before you can use it. Click here to get guide about Tracfone BYOP APN settings for GSM smartphones.

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