TracFone Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (S327VL) User Manual

Need assistance with your Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (S327VL)? Get all the help from the phone user manual, where you can learn everything about the phone and mastered it in no time for your satisfaction.

Galaxy Luna Pro User Manual

The main advantage that you can get from Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (S327VL) user manual is that you got this trustable and reliable source of information about this phone.

You don’t have to make second guesses about different aspect and feature of the phone when you already read this user manual.

If you don’t know about the kind of features that this phone has, take a look at the user manual.

If you don’t know how to use a certain feature or certain phone’s function, read the guide and find the answer there.

The kinds of information you can find in this user manual also quite vary where you will learn all about:

  • How to get started using the phone. Not only it let you know all about the physical part of the device and how it works and how to set up the phone for the first time, but also legal information regarding the phone.
  • Special features of the phone.
  • Apps. where you will know about the available apps, the way that app displayed, how to use it and even how to uninstall and disable it.
  • Settings and connection configuration.
  • The reliable source to get more help.


User manual for Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (S327VL) has everything you need to know about the phone whether it was the physical specification or complete feature and app it has to offer.

How to use this user manual for your advantage? It’s easy. Just read it before you start using the device. You can skim it for general information and to let you know where to find specific information about the phone and later you can concentrate on the part that you are curious about.

Keep it for future reference as well. You never know that you may need it to answer some questions sometimes in the future.

Download: Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro User Manual (1 MB)


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  1. I dropped my phone an broke my screen. I would like to order another screen but I need help finding the right one. Thank you

  2. I purchased a Galaxy J3 Luna Pro smart phone a few weeks ago. I have a ION Plunge bluetooth speaker, I am having trouble getting the phone to pair with the speaker. I had an Iphone 5 before and it paired right away. Please any info would help?

  3. Why doesn’t the J3 Luna Pro have the auto-rotate feature??? This should be on every smartphone!!! This is nuts!

  4. Update folks! I finally found the auto rotate function on my Samsung J3 Luna Pro. Go to the “top”of the screen on your phone(status bar)and with your finger swipe down and you will see different options. One of the options shows auto rotate and a phone icon. You can choose auto rotate or portrait. I chose portrait and it locked my phone now. No more landscape mode unless I change it myself. I feel like an idiot. It’s also in the manual of the phone too. Hope this helps anyone!

  5. On the screen I have an app that says MORE APPS. how can i get the apps permanently on my screen without hiding them under MORE APPS.

  6. I just bought this Samsung J3 Luna Pro and I love it except for one thing. It does not show me a notification of email-messages or missed call if the Screen is not active.
    My old Samsung Prime would “Flash” a little Blue or Green LED if I had missed a call-Facebook message-email or SMS message. This phone is not displaying any notification unless I activate the display screen.
    Am I missing something??

  7. While setting up my Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro cell phone I was taken to Visual voicemail and it asked for a password. Without thinking, I put in numbers, not word. Now when I have a voicemail, I cannot get to my voicemail since the phone says incorrect password was entered. I have searched for a solution to reset password but have not found one. Any ideas?

  8. Thanks for mentioning Zedge. I have been having difficulty finding ringtones a hearing impaired person can hear. Zedge had several. No more missed calls.

  9. I thought this phone would be perfect for me but if I’d known you can’t even format an SD chip for internal memory I never would’ve bought it!
    It does not come with 16GB of storage either. Not usable storage anyway.
    Another issue is system up dates.
    It says everything is up to date but Android isn’t updating past version 6.0. I and that’s just ridiculous!
    Would not recommend!

  10. This phone will not auto focus. Tapping does not work, shaking it does not work. I have had the phone for over 1 year, and I have very few pictures, so it does actually focus, on occasion. Any suggestions?

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