How to Hard Reset Alcatel Fling / Retro A399C

Solve the unsolved issue on your TracFone Alcatel Fling / Retro A394C by performing factory reset and bring the phone back to its clean and original settings that was free of problem for your convenience.

Factory reset is one of the most recommended troubleshooting actions that you can do with most phones this day, if nothing else works. Factory reset brings the phone settings back to its original settings, just like when it fresh out of the box.

Hard Reset TracFone Alcatel Fling / Retro A394C

A simple and basic phone such as TracFone Alcatel Fling / Retro A394C may need factory reset at one point in its life. Perhaps you find that the phone is too sluggish or it frozen often enough. In this case, performing factory reset will clear all those issue in no time.

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Soft Reset Alcatel A394C

When performing factory reset, choose between one of these two methods, soft reset and hard reset. For soft reset, you can follow the guide below:

  1. Go to “Menu > Settings > Reset/Delete”.
  2. Enter your 4-digit security code.
  3. A warning will show up asking if you want to proceed to continue with the action. Confirm this action.
  4. The process will begin and the phone will switch on by itself when it’s done.

Hard Reset Alcatel A394C

If you can’t access Menu from the phone, go for the hard reset method. First, you need to make sure the phone is OFF and then proceed with the next steps:

  1. In the same time, press and hold “Power button” and star (*) button.
  2. A message saying “All data will be lost, continue” will appear, confirm it.
  3. New message saying “Formatting Flash, please wait”.
  4. Wait until it’s done.

Now you can turn on your phone and watch for the change that took place and in this case, there are no more problems that plague you like before.

One more thing, before you perform factory reset, always make sure that you already back up your file, phone contact and other important thing in the phone, since it will erase completely along with the reset process.

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