How to Perform Hard Reset on Tracfone Huawei Sensa H715BL / H710VL

There are two methods of performing factory reset to TracFone Huawei Sensa H715BL / H710VL, and here you will find out how to use both method easily using the available guide and enjoy the result.

Hard Reset TracFone Huawei Sensa – When it comes to factory reset on most phones, or in this case TracFone Huawei Sensa H715BL / H710VL, there are two different methods to try. One of the called as soft factory reset and the other is hard factory reset.

How to Perform Hard Reset on Tracfone Huawei Sensa H715BL / H710VL

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Hard Reset Huawei Sensa

Let’s start with hard factory reset. It requires phone owner to reboot the phone to recovery mode first. To make it easier for any of you who have this phone, just follow the guide below:

  1. Turn off the phone first by pressing “Power button” for several seconds.
  2. After the phone goes off, press “Power button + Volume Up button”.
  3. Release both buttons only when Huawei logo has appear on the screen.
  4. Use Volume button to move among the menu and choose “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” menu.
  5. Confirm this option by pressing Power button.
  6. Confirm it once again by choosing “Yes” option.
  7. When it’s done, choose “Reboot System Now” option and use Power button to make the selection.

If that is way too complicated for you, opt for soft factory reset. This method is pretty straightforward and there is no need to reboot to recovery mode first.

Soft Reset Huawei Sensa

Follow this guide below to perform soft reset:

  1. Turn on the phone first.
  2. Go to Menu and choose “Setting”.
  3. Tap “Back up and Reset”.
  4. Move again and tap “Factory Data Reset”.
  5. After that, choose “Reset Phone”.
  6. Confirm it by tap the “Erase Everything” button.
  7. When it’s done, restart the phone.

Now it’s done. Performing factory reset has never been easier with this guide. But do remember that this action will erase everything on the phone, everything that was not there when the phone was fresh out of the box. For this reason, phone owner must back up everything they have in there, using whatever means they like, so they can perform factory reset safely.

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