How to Perform Hard Reset Tracfone LG 237C Flip Phone

Learn how to perform factory reset on TracFone LG 237C Flip Phone, to help clear out any issue within the phone and bring the phone back to its original setting for your convenience using the phone.

Hard Reset Tracfone LG 237C – Do you know that you can perform factory reset on your TracFone LG 237C flip phone? Factory reset is the kind of thing that people can do with all sort of phone from various brands. Even this simple and basic phone could use factory reset from time to time.

How to Perform Hard Reset Tracfone LG 237C Flip Phone

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Now, for this particular phone, you can perform hard reset by following the guide below. But do remember to back up your data first such as phone number, message, file, picture and everything else on the phone. This way, you can restore those files back again after you performed factory reset.

Hard Reset TracFone LG 237C

  1. Turn ON the phone and go to standby screen
  2. Choose the “Left Soft Key” and among the available options, choose “Menu”
  3. Choose “Settings”
  4. Choose “Phone Settings < Reset Settings"
  5. Choose between “Master Reset” and “Master Clear”

Master Reset will reset the phone settings back like when it was fresh out of the box, while Master Clear will erase every single data and file on the phone, other than the built in file. The thing about Master Clear is that it clears the entire data, not only the one stored in the phone internal memory but in the external memory as well.

The availability of Master Reset and Master Clear option gives you the freedom to choose what kind of thing that you want to reset back. If you want to clear the download content or user created content on the phone, choosing Master Clear is the answer.

But if you want to bring the phone back to its original settings, Master Reset is the one to choose. Perhaps you choose to perform both? That is entirely your decision to make, based on what you need at the moment. Just follow the guide above and in no time, you will clear up any issue with the phone and use it for your convenience.

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