How to Hard Reset TracFone LG 238C Flip Phone

Step by step guide on how to perform hard reset on TracFone LG 238C flip phone, for phone user who wish to bring the phone back to its original setting and give the phone a fresh start for better performance.

Hard Reset Tracfone LG 238C – Factory reset is the kinds of thing that people do when they want to sell the phone or when they want to deal with problem with the phone system. This action will reset everything back to when the phone are still fresh out of the box. In this default original settings, there is no 3rd party app and also no user created content, which also means there is no issue with its performance.

How to Hard Reset TracFone LG 238C Flip Phone

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Now you know about factory reset, the question is how do you perform factory reset on you TracFone LG 238C flip phone? Is it possible to perform factory reset on such as simple and basic phone? Well, if you really want to know, you can find the step by step guide below.

But for now, let’s start with creating back up for the data in your phone. It doesn’t matter what type of back up method that you choose, just make sure you have the copy of those data somewhere else.

Hard Reset TracFone LG 238C

When you have back up the data, follow the guide below:

  1. Start with the phone ON and go to standby screen.
  2. Press “Left Soft Key”.
  3. Choose “Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Reset Settings”.
  4. On Reset Settings menu, you have two options to choose, “Master Reset” and “Master Clear”.

Choose one where it will start the process. Wait for it and when it’s done, restart the phone to make sure the change has take place.

What is the difference between Master Reset and Master Clear? If you want to bring the phone setting back to its original factory settings, choose Master Reset. But if you only want to clear download content and user created content that was stored on the phone, choose Master Clear. Choose whichever action that you desired the most and enjoy the result in no time.

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