How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset TracFone ZTE Paragon Z753G

Full information about the reason why you should perform factory reset on TracFone ZTE Paragon Z753G along with the guide on performing this action during different situation to help phone owner.

Hard Reset TracFone ZTE Paragon Z753G – There are basically two reason why you should perform factory reset on your TracFone ZTE Paragon Z753G; you want to sell the phone and make sure that it has no more of your personal files or you have problems with the phone performance and nothing works to solve this issue.

How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset TracFone ZTE Paragon Z753G

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Soft Reset ZTE Paragon Z753G

If you want to perform this action for those reasons, then start it by backup the entire data of yours that stored in the phone. After that, follow this step:

  1. Go to phone “Settings”.
  2. Find and tap “Backup and Reset”.
  3. Tap “Factory Data Reset”.
  4. Tap “Reset Phone” and confirm it by tap on the “Erase Everything” option.
  5. Factory reset will begin shortly, wait until its complete and then restart the phone.

Hard Reset ZTE Paragon Z753G

The above method works well if you can access your phone settings, but if you find that you can’t access the menu due to frozen or unresponsive phone, work it out with the second method called hard reset:

  1. Power down the phone.
  2. Press and hold “Power and Volume Up” key for several seconds until Boot mode screen appear.
  3. Scroll down using Volume Down key to find “Recovery” option and press Volume Up key to confirm it.
  4. Enter Recovery Menu by pressing and holding Power key. In the same time, press Volume Up key just once.
  5. Scroll the menu using Volume key and highlighted “Wipe data / factory reset” option.
  6. Press Power key to make the selection.
  7. Confirm it by choosing “Yes – delete all use data” by pressing Power key.

Recovery Mode menu will appear again after factory reset process is complete. Choose the “Reboot System Now” to boot the phone back to standard menu. Now you can restore those files you already backup before into this phone.

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