How to Perform Hard Reset on Tracfone ZTE ZMAX Grand Z916BL

Step by step to follow on how to soft reset and hard reset TracFone ZTE ZMAX Grand Z916BL that everyone can follow in order to bring the phone back to its original setting without no 3rd party apps and no error at all.

Hard Reset TracFone ZTE ZMAX Grand – Lots of error on a phone happens because a 3rd party app didn’t really work well with the phone system. Uninstalling the troubled app will get rid of that issue. But there are also times when things go deeper than that, and uninstalling the app didn’t bring the satisfied result. In this case, factory reset is the most recommended action.

How to Perform Hard Reset on Tracfone ZTE ZMAX Grand Z916BL

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Hard Reset ZTE ZMAX Grand

With TracFone ZTE ZMAX Grand Z916BL, there are two methods to perform factory reset. The first method called hard reset, where people have to reboot the phone to recovery mode to perform it. Below is the step by step guide to perform hard reset:

  1. Power down the phone.
  2. Press and hold “Power and Volume Up” key for several seconds until Boot mode screen appear.
  3. Scroll down using Volume Down key to find “Recovery” option and press Volume Up key to confirm it.
  4. Enter Recovery Menu by pressing and holding Power key. In the same time, press Volume Up key just once.
  5. Scroll the menu using Volume key and highlighted “Wipe data / factory reset” option.
  6. Press Power key to make the selection.
  7. Confirm it by choosing “Yes – delete all use data” by pressing Power key.
  8. When factory reset has finished, choose “Reboot System Now” option.

Soft Reset ZTE ZMAX Grand

Hard reset method was used when people can’t access their phone in normal way. But if they can, go for soft reset method that it’s easier to do: “Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything”.

Now it’s done, people can get the phone work normally without no problem or whatsoever. One more thing to remember is that this action will wipe out everything, so always backup the whole data first, including phone number, app, personal file, video and everything else so it can be restore after the process is complete.

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