How Do Minutes Work on Tracfone Android Smartphones?

How Tracfone Minutes are Added to Android Smartphones – You probably already know that when you use Tracfone phone, you have to use airtime card so you can make a call through that phone. There are different amount of minutes airtime to choose and it is up to you to choose the amount you want.

But do you really know how is this minutes airtime work? The basic principle is very easy. When you add the minutes to your phone, the minutes will be used by the phone every time you make a call or texting someone. In most cases, you also will get 90 days of service. If you don’t use your phone too much, then it will be the most inexpensive solution for you.

How Do Minutes Work on Tracfone Android Smartphones?

Tracfone also offer another great service for this minutes airtime. Most Tracfone device also comes with double or triple minutes for life. It means that when you add new card, you will get double or even triple of minutes. When you add 60 minutes card, you will get not just 60 minutes of airtime but 120 or even 180 minutes airtime.

Tracfone Minutes in Smartphone and Non Smartphone Device

Since there are more Android smartphone enters the line of Tracfone device, you may wonder how is this minutes principle work with this kind of device. As you know, most people use Android smartphone not only to make a call or send text, but also to have nonstop internet connection. So, how do minutes work if people use their smartphone mostly for internet browsing?

This is where the main difference laid between Tracfone non smartphone and smartphone device. Now, here is an example, when you buy the 60 minutes card, you will get it doubled or tripled to 180 minutes. Depend on the device you use (smartphone or non smartphone); this is the detailed information of the number of minutes you are going to get:

  • If you use non smartphone device, you will get 180 minutes for talk, text and web.
  • If you use smartphone device, you will get 180 minutes for talking, 180 texts, and 180 MB for web.

That is the main difference of minutes between both type of Tracfone phone, the smartphone and non smartphone. What do you think? it is obvious that both types has something different to offer and it is up to you to use the best type of Tracfone phone that suit your personal use.

Here is an example of your personal use affect your decision on choosing the best Tracfone phones. If you text a lot, then you will get better deal with the non smartphone device since every text count as 0.3 minutes, so it means that with 180 minutes, you can send more than 180 text, where with a smartphone you can send only 180 text. But if you love to text and web surfing, then your best option is Tracfone smartphone.

How to Check Minutes Tracfone Android

Now, when it comes to choose between smartphone and non smartphone, everyone have their own taste. That doesn’t really matter as long as it meets each and every user need. Once you figured out how minutest work on Tracfone device, it is time for you to know how to check the amount of minutes you still have in there, so you won’t run out of it at the time you need it the most.

There are several ways to check the balance of your minutes. You can find this information on your account at You also can use Tracfone App where you can easily see the balance and service end date of your minutes. This work specifically for smartphone device, so you will be able to see whether you still have more minutes to spare for sending text, make call or browse the internet.

That is how minutes work on Tracfone smartphone and non smartphone device. Use the information to make the best decision if you ever want to use Tracfone phone for your need. But still, no matter what type of device that you use, both will work great for your need.

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