How Does Tracfone Minutes Operate?

It is really easy for you to get Tracfone prepaid cell phones services as it provided in the form of minutes card with various ranges. The range is start from 30 minutes to 1500 minutes that all of them are available online.

Some of them like 60, 120, 200, 450 and 400/1 year cards are also available at retailers and stores like Target, Walmart, Dollar General/Family Dollar and other stores. While for buying the Tracfone minute cards online, you can visit,, Amazon, eBay, or other websites.

How Does Tracfone Minutes Operate?

If there is no other special mark on the minutes card offerd by Tracfone, Tracfone minutes card is usually come with 90 days of service. It means that if you buy a 60 minute card, you will get 60 minutes for calling and texting, plus 90 days of service.

Those all you can get for approximately $20 as the price to buy a 60 minute card. When all of those 60 minutes are used already, you cannot make other text or calls although your service days are still active.

You can add another minute card and get new minutes and new services days added to your current balance. For example, if you still have 10 minutes and 5 service days then you add a 60 minutes card to your phone, you will get 70 minutes and 95 services days remain as your balance. It is better to buffer on your balance for your maximal usage of your minutes card.

Tracfone offers devices with Double Minutes for Life and also Triple Minutes for Life. Those products give many benefits for the customers as it will doubled or tripled the minutes added to the customers phone when they adding the minutes to their phone. From recent advertisement, most of those devices including Android phones, Tracfone offered Triple Minutes for Life.

Tracfone Family Value Plan is also a great deal for you if you want to get minutes and services days automatically added to your phone without any complicated requirements.

Tracfone also offers both smartphones and regular phones for the customers who want to use Tracfone services and the phone provided simply all at once.

The provided phones are ranging from $10 flip phones as the cheaper range of phones offered by Tracfone to $100 Android powered smartphones as the quite expensive range of phones offered by Tracfone, and still there many other fair options of phones offered.

About the work of the minutes on Android smartphones, it is divided into three categories. The first is the calling, the second is the texting, and the third is the data.

Those three categories will be the categories where the minutes will be deducted in each transaction use in those three categories. For the example, the minutes will be deducted for each calling or receiving calls, for sending and receiving texts, and also for surfing the web data by your phone.

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