How to Block Phone Calls and Texts on Tracfone Android

Call Blocker App on Tracfone Android Smartphone – Check out this list of the best app that you can use to block unwanted calls and text message on your Android smartphone from Tracfone so there will be no more annoying call that disturb your time.

If you keep getting call or text message from telemarketer or from people that you find very annoying, then you may want to consider blocking those call and message. You can use specific call blocker app for this purpose and among so many apps that is available out there, here are the top 6 apps that worth to consider:

How to Block Phone Calls and Texts on Tracfone Android

How to block unwanted calls and texts on Tracfone Android

  1. Call Detector (Free)
  2. Block any unwanted phone calls immediately with Call Detector. Call Detector gives you the ability to block any unwanted phone calls (including companies or individuals you just won’t want to talk to) and automatically blocks all known scam callers.

  3. Call Blocker (Free)
  4. This app is able to block both unwanted call as well as text message. You can customize the level of blocking for each number that was listed in your blacklist, where you can block a call from specific number but allow it to send message or the other way around. The blocked number will not be stored in the call log in your phone. It has additional feature where you can save and also export spam message just in case you need it in the future.

  5. Mr. Number (Free)
  6. Mr. Number is an app that able to block phone call and text not only specific phone number but also block the phone from specific area codes. It also offer free messaging feature for those who are registered as the member, with the real time updates that will let you know when your message have been read by the recipient.

  7. Should I Answer (Free)
  8. This particular app has lots of nice feature such as:
    – Able to block number other than the one that was listed in the phone book.
    – Able to filter call automatically from different source such as calls from premium numbers, hidden number, number below certain review limit, and also premium number.
    – Huge database of premium rate phone number, telemarketer phone number and also scammer. This feature will show you full information about the incoming call including where it comes from and user review. You also get the chance to add your own rating to that phone number or you simply can add it to your block list number.
    – Able to work offline because this app will save the rating database as part of its internal data.

  9. Safest Call Blocker (Free)
  10. Safest Call Blocker app will be able to block incoming call from various sources including custom blacklist, phone number that was not listed in your phone book, and also range of number using wildcard. It will not stored the blocked number on the phone log and it also will notify you whenever it block a call.

  11. Call Control (Free)
  12. It has huge list of submitted spam numbers that you can choose to block and thanks to its connection with FCC Do Not Call registry, you can handled the blocked app the way you want it. The full app is available for free for the first 2 weeks and after that you can choose to use the Lite version or buy the full app.

  13. Extreme Call Blocker ($5)
  14. This paid call blocker app is packed with so many features. It allows set to have the call and text message blocked right away, send the call directly to voicemail, mute the ringer and also set the profile using different kind of parameters. The stealth mode on this app will make it well hidden in your phone.

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