How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Tracfone Alcatel A383G

Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch A383G Factory Reset Guide – Glitches, bugs and software problem are common thing that could happen to an electronic device such as a phone. The more the merrier, meaning that the more complicated system of the phone, the more complicated problem that could happen.

It doesn’t mean that a simple non-smartphone device will have no such problem; it only means that the chance of getting it is pretty low.

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Tracfone Alcatel A383G

A non-smartphone device such as Alcatel OneTouch A383G could also face some issues, and the only thing that can fix it is to perform hard reset or factory reset.

Unlike a smartphone, this device has no app, so the user don’t have to reinstall or restore the app data and it means that the restoring process will be faster and easier.

When do you need to perform hard reset to this device? It could be anytime, but the best time to do it is when the phone was frozen and not responded for several minutes and nothing that you can do to fix it.

To perform factory reset, you can choose one among two available methods and now let’s start with the first one.

Soft Factory Reset Alcatel A383G

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Restore default settings
  2. Input the password, the default code is “000000
  3. Then you will be asked “All user data and settings will be erased, continue?”, select “Yes” to confirm it
  4. The phone will auto switch on when the format finishes
  5. Please do not manipulate the phone or remove the battery during this process

Hard Factory Reset Alcatel A383G

You also can work it with the second method by following this guide:

  1. First you need to turn OFF the phone
  2. Press and hold Power button and “*” button in the same time
  3. A warning message will show up asking “All data will be lost, continue?”, check on the option to proceed
  4. Another message will show up stating “Formatting flash, please wait
  5. Your phone will perform a factory reset

It was easy and the process itself will be done in no time. Always remember to backup your personal data in your SIM Card including contacts, message and any other files before you perform this action so you won’t lost it along the way.

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