How to Join Tracfone BYOP Program

How to Bring Your Smartphone to Tacfone BYOP Program – Find out how you can join Tracfone BYOP program by following 3 simple steps and enjoy the low cost service they provide even though you use non-Tracfone smartphone and device.

Tracfone is prepaid service provide who provide not only their service but also cell phone product. They are pretty famous for its low cost service, which is something that practically everyone looking for. The great thing about Tracfone is that they also provide their service to other consumer who doesn’t use their product, by creating a program called BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone). This way, people can bring certain type of smartphone, join the program and enjoy Tracfone low cost service.

How to Join Tracfone BYOP Program

At the beginning, anyone who have Verizon compatible CDMA phone can join BYOP program. But now, Tracfone has widened their offer by given the chance for user of GSM network through AT&T to join the program as well.

This is very good news for AT&T (GSM) user out there. Now the question is how do you can bring your smartphone and join BYOP program? The process is actually very simple and you can be part of BYOP program using the phone that you love in no time.

How can I obtain TracFone BYOP service?

1. Check Phone Compatibility

This is the first step that you must take before you join BYOP program. You need to check whether the phone you have is compatible or not with Tracfone service plan.

No need to worry though, because most 3G and 4G LTE smartphone are compatible with Tracfone service plan. If you got yourself a brand new smartphone then chance are your phone is compatible. Click here to check your phone compatibility.

2. Purchase the Tracfone BYOP Activation Kit and Airtime Card

You can find the BYOP activation kit in Tracfone website and in other stores as well both online and offline. Inside the kit you will find SIM card and NAC (network access code).

This kit allows you activate either CDMA or GSM phone that you have. You can get this Tracfone SIM card activation kit directly through this Tracfone link.

3. Activate Phone

Now you already have the activation kit, you can get the process of joining BYOP program started. Go to Tracfone BYOP site and follow the steps to add your phone as part of the program. Click on “Register CDMA” and then “Activate CDMA” for CDMA smartphones, or simply “Activate GSM” or GSM smartphones.

Specifically for GSM phone, you have to update the Data APN settings before you can use it. Click here to get guide about Tracfone BYOP APN settings for GSM smartphones.

Now the process is complete and you and your phone are part of BYOP program from Tracfone. Don’t forget to use the airtime card to top off your phone and you can start to use their service right away. From now on, you can join almost any offer from Tracfone, including using its minute card. But always remember to make sure that the programs you are going to partake are supporting the phone from BYOP or you won’t be able to join with it.

It was that easy to join BYOP program with the smartphone you already have in your hand right now. Pay attention on Tracfone, in case they have new program to offer that you may find interesting. Or perhaps, you can purchase new phone, not only CDMA but also GSM phone from Tracfone, since it is obvious that Tracfone will continue to offer newer device with better specification to their customer.

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