How to Set Up the Tracfone Individual and Family Value Plans

Set Up Tracfone Individual Value Plans and Family Value Plan – Tracfone has their Monthly Value Plans that the customer can choose based on their need. Right now there are three types of value plans to choose, the Individual Value Plans, Family Value Plans and the last one is Service Protection Plan.

Let’s find out about each of these types to help you understand it and also help you to make the best decision on which type to choose.

How to Set Up the Tracfone Monthly Value Plans

Tracfone Individual Value Plans

This is the value plans that work great for individual user who only have one phone and number to register. There are several options to choose on this type of value plans, where each options has 30 service days, nationwide coverage, support carryover and no contracts or whatsoever.

The main difference on each options of this type is the minutes include and also the price to pay. Individual customer can choose between:

  • 50 minutes value plan for $9.99
  • 125 minutes value plan for $19.99
  • 200 minutes value plan for $29.99

The entire plans include talk, text, web and email so basically there is no need to buy other minutes or buy another phone for web surfing and browsing.

Tracfone Family Value Plan

Family Value Plan is the kind of value plans that work for a group of user with several phone to register. It usually used by family member and that is where the name comes from. Unlike the individual value plan that work only for one phone, this plan may include a maximum of five Tracfones, all of which must be enrolled under the same billing account to participate in the Family Value Plan.

The great thing about family value plans is that it will help people to save lots of money because the price is very affordable and this is something real, something that people can really have. Family value plans work pretty simple. All you need to do is to create an account on Tracfone website then set it up for the phone. Click here and select Family Value Plan, then click Enroll.

Tracfone Family Value Plan

For the first phone that you add to the plan, will cost you $9.99 where you will get 30 days of service and 50 minutes airtime. For every additional phone that you add into family value plans, you only have to pay $5.99 per phone, where it will get 30 days of service as well, along with 40 minutes of airtime.

The whole process is very easy and simple. Remember that the first phone that you register is the one that will get the 50 minutes of airtime so if you are the head of the family; make sure that you put your phone first. Just add it for the first time and purchase the family plan and complete the order. After that, you can do the process again, but this time the cost you have to pay is only $5.99 for 40 minutes of airtime.

The first Tracfone Serial Number to be enrolled in a family value plan billing account will be considered the primary phone. If the primary phone is terminated or removed from the family value plan, you will need to select one of the remaining phones in the billing account to become the primary phone. Otherwise, all Tracfone Serial Numbers enrolled in the plan will have their enrollments cancelled.

The payment will be charged on your account each month on the day and date that you enrolled the plan in the first place. At the same time, every Tracfone phone that you already registered will receive the minutes that it deserve.

It was that easy and simple. There is no such thing as cancellation fee and hidden fees to pay. You also can cancel the plan anytime you want or if you want to; you also can change the phones that you already registered in the plan through your account.

The Individual Value Plans and Family Value Plan work on Tracfone Android Phones, which all have Triple Minutes for Life, and even work for the BYOP program.

Service Protection Plan

This is the last type of value plans that Tracfone has to offer. This is where you can protect the service by enrolling the program and receive a 30 day service extension. The enrollment itself is free and all you need to do is pay $5.99 if you already reach the Service End Date.

Now, other than those three value plans, there is also the minutes bundle offer from Tracfone. This offer work only for Value Plan member. This is where the member able to buy minutes in bundle as much as 50 to 100 minutes anytime they want, but it only available for non-smartphone device.

Now you already know the Monthly Value Plans type that offered by Tracfone. You can choose the value plans that really meet your need and of course save more money with the affordable value plans in there.

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