How to Set Up Your New Tracfone

It is really easy to activate your TracFone for the first time, you may just need your phone to process the complete set up of your Tracfone. The complete set up of a Tracfone is including phone activation, adding minutes to the phone, and phone voicemail settings.

Setting up a Tracfone is started by activating it. You have to contact the TracFone’s Customer Care Center at 1-800-867-7183, activate via Tracfone website, or you can activate it through the use of “Over the Air” feature. It will download the activation codes trough radio waves emitted from local cell phone tower used by Tracfone.

How to Set Up Your New Tracfone

Simply go to TracFone website and select “Activate Phone” from the options provided and follow the instructions to activate your TracFone. First time users should enter the personal information that the website requires.

Please remember that the activation process is different according to phone’s models or phone’s brand. Whatever the phone’s brand, it is important to note the IMEI and SIM card serial numbers that come with the phone.

According to Tracfone website, in most areas your service will be active instantly, while in some other areas it may take up to 24 hours. For additional information, although it will need about two weeks to complete, Tracfone allows the transfer of existing phone number from another services provider for your comfortable use of your new Tracfone.

The next step to set up your new Tracfone is by adding minutes to your phone. This could be done in three ways. One of them is by using the prepaid minute cards from Tracfone. You can buy it at any retailers, stores, or buy it online at many places and sites.

You just need to buy the cards then scratch the silver area on the card to see the codes. You can use that code to add the minutes to your phone by entering that code in your phone after navigating through the phone’s menu to “redeem airtime”.

The other way to add the minutes to your phone is by adding time via an online purchase. You can add your minutes to your phone via Tracfone website by online purchasing the minutes there. And the other way to add the minutes to your phone is by using “Airtime on Demand” feature to add the minutes straight from the phone.

Please remember that when you add the minutes through the phone or by prepaid cards, you have to ensure that your phone got the signal because if it is not, your minutes will not be added to your phone. And please remember also that usually the phone turned off then turning it back on again is a requirement after adding the minutes to it.

The last step to complete your Tracfone set up is by setting up a voicemail on your phone. The voicemail enables you to get a recorded message from those who call and cannot reach you at a certain time.

You can set up the voicemail on your Tracfone by press and hold for several second the “1” key on the keypad of your phone. It will dial the phone’s voicemail number then you need to choose a language, a password or PIN for your voicemail, and a greeting style that available for you. Please follow the instruction until you get your voicemail’s set up completed.

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