Huawei Sensa H710VL / H715BL Specs and Features

Huawei Sensa H715BL and H710VL dual phone that use Tracfone service is an option for those who are looking for big and wide screen with ample room in its internal memory storage for people convenience.

Huawei Sensa Specifications

There is some kind of trend among phone manufacturer this day, where they produce dual phone or twin phone that both share the same physical aspect, features and specification with the main difference only in the network connection it use, between CDMA and GSM.

Huawei Sensa H715BL and H710VL is the perfect example of dual smartphone. Looking at both phones, people won’t notice any significance difference.

This is the kind of thing that some people may looking for when they find that they like a certain phone but choose not to bought it because it didn’t support the active service in their area.


Huawei Sensa H710VL / H715BL specifications:

Weight4.23 (ounces)
Dimensions5.70″ x 2.81″ x 0.27″
OSAndroid 6.0.1
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution1080 x 1920
Battery3000mAh, Non-removable
FeaturesFM Radio, GPS

Quick Review

First thing to notice on both phones is the super big size. 5.5 inches screen is large enough to enjoy everything displayed in there from movie, photo, video and game without have to straining the eyes. Those who are looking for smartphone with bigger screen size may consider.

TracFone Huawei Sensa H715BL / H710VL front side back

As on the inside of both phone, people will find that it runs using Android version 6.0, the current version which offer more than the previous version. Among other parts that work inside the system of both phone, the amount of internal memory it use is pretty amazing. 9.5 GB internal memory provides ample room to store tons of data, picture and video.

There are more to know about this phone that already support 4G connection and the last thing to dig around is its battery. Using 3,000 mAh non removable lithium ion battery, the manufacturer boast its capacity for able to last for up to 27 hours of talk time and 28 days of standby time.

For an Android based smartphone, that number is quite a record and that will surely serve people who need smartphone that can last whole day long with single charge.

TracFone Huawei Sensa H715BL / H710VL screenshot

Extra large screen and huge internal memory capacity is the best part of this dual smartphone. Other aspect of the phone is nothing of extraordinary. It support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, GPS, MP3 player, radio and also 5 MP camera that able to capture decent image.

Overall, the phone do looks great and quite promising. It provides the entire features that is available in most Android based smartphone, means that nothing new to expect, but in this case boast up two main aspect, the extra large screen that offer cinema like display and huge internal memory that should hold more than enough for average use.


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  1. Wonder when a hard case will be available? I just purchased one and love it. But being a recent addition to the Straight Talk line, there seems to be little in the way of accessories.

    • You like the Huawei Sensa LTE? I just bought one and a friend said she read that it had the worst reviews. But I’d like to hear from someone who has the phone please!!

      • I love this phone, I just got it about a week ago, and honestly I feel that a lot of people just want something to complain about if it’s not top notch in the market, this phone is probably my favorite and I’ve had many many expensive “nice” phones, camera is by far one of the best from the quality to the many options that are available (no need for any photo apps).

        Screen is big, battery last me forever and I use this phone pretty much constant. Lastly I don’t get why people are saying it’s slow because I have not had one issue with it lagging or being slow at all! Very good phone !!!

        If your thinking about it, then you need to stop reading the bad reviews and just go for it !!!

  2. I’ve had my phone for almost a year. I have been randomly experiencing “hot phone”. I’m not sure if it’s an actual term but my phone get extremely hot to the touch, meaning I wouldn’t be able to talk on it because it’s too hot to my face. Can someone help me please

  3. I Love this phone, i HAD THE NOTE 4 AND IT JUST DIED on me, this phone at the price is unbeatable. I don’t miss my note at all, and my phone is paid off, just paying for service with unlimited everything. PLEASE don’t try to keep up with the JONES, this phone streams everything fast no latency, I watch my cable service dvr and everything, don’t waste money this phone does it all that any 2018 phones can do. Believe me you will love this phone.

  4. I have to agree with Ashley and Frank, I truly am amazed at all the features, as well as size and feel of this cellphone are top notch! This cellphone is by far the best cellphone for it’s price. It is affordable, yet you are not really missing anything any other “fancy” priced cellphones have to offer, why would anyone not want to at the very least give Huawei a chance to prove they are making “top notch” cellphones at affordable prices.

  5. This phone is honestly amazing, I have taken the most bada** photos with it, it’s fast and all that good stuff…

    I have one question: What is the difference between a H715bL and a H710vL?

  6. I have straight talk on this phoine, tried to connect the hot spot feature but could not find it on my. Does any one know why?

  7. The Hot Spot feature is inoperable. Disabled in the Straight Talk version H710VL. Anyone know how to fix this since the phone is apparently capable?

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