The 11 Best LG Rebel 4 Phone Cases and Covers

Explore the 11 best LG Rebel 4 phone cases and covers from a variety of theme and design. Offering protection and style, there’s a choice for everyone’s taste.

LG Rebel 4 Phone Cases

After purchasing a phone, it’s important to also consider a phone case. Today’s smartphone screen is getting bigger with each release. Although a bigger phone offers a lot of advantages, it can shatter easily compared to phones from around a decade ago.

Therefore, getting a case is almost compulsory. And it applies also to your LG Rebel 4 LTE (L212VL/L211BL).

When buying a case, some of the criteria to consider is the material, durability, and how it can protect your phone.

Next, also consider its design. After all, you don’t want your phone to look unappealing. In this list, we present the 11 best LG Rebel 4 phone cases and covers you can consider.

LG Rebel 4 Ring Holder Stand Cover by LeYi

LG Rebel 4 Ring Holder Stand Cover by LeYi

Ring holder stand cover by LeYi offer military-grade protection for your phone. It prevents damages such as scratches, bumps, and drops.

A ring is attached on the back to slide your finger in when using the phone. The ring also acts as a kickstand.

This case uses what they call Air-Cushion Technology, which is an extra bump around the case’s corner. This extra cushion serves as a shock absorber.

Also included here is a screen protector. So, both the front and the back of your phone are fully protected.

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LG Rebel 4 Rugged Case by CaseTank

LG Rebel 4 Rugged Case by CaseTank

The rugged design is one of the popular case designs out there. Well, it’s hard to reject its appeal. A rugged case like this one by CaseTank does look strong. It protects the phone well, especially during rigorous activities.

This case also offers extra protection with a belt clip/holster. Safely clamp the phone inside the pocket using this clip.

You can also attach your phone to a belt or the strap of your bag. It’s a perfect case to use during outdoor activities such as hiking.

LG Rebel 4 Shock-Absorption Protective Cover by Androgate

LG Rebel 4 Shock-Absorption Protective Cover by Androgate

A case doesn’t have to have that heavy-duty look to offer maximum protection. That’s why this case by Androgate is nothing but simple.

It has a minimal design and also quite thin. Therefore you won’t have difficulties slipping your phone inside your skinny jeans’ pocket.

Despite being thin, Shock-absorption protective cover by Androgate consists of two layers: TPU Hard case and soft PC.

The setup helps minimize impact when you accidentally drop your phone. This case also includes a small metal stand on its back.

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Sparkle Glitter with TPU Bumper by AMENQ

Sparkle Glitter with TPU Bumper by AMENQ

Some people like eye-catching cases that attract attention. For that purpose, what’s better than a sparkly pink case with glitter all over it? Introducing Sparkle Glitter with TPU Bumper by AMENQ. Pink is not the only color, as you can also choose gold or purple.

For its protective features, the case consists of three structures. The first is the front cover with raised lips to prevent scratch. The TPU sleeve serves as the first layer protection for the back cover, followed by a TPU outer.

Hybrid Dual Layers Rubber Cover by Njjex

Hybrid Dual Layers Rubber Cover by Njjex

What’s easy to notice about this case is its textured back. It ensures anti-slip protection for phone users who a bit clumsy with their device.

The design is quite simple as well with black as the dominant color. But not all is black that it’s boring. There’s a lining around the edges that comes in several colors customers can choose.

As the name indicated, this case consists of two layers. The soft silicone rubber provides a protective cushion to your phone. Meanwhile, the outer layer is made of shock-absorbing PC plastic material.

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LG Rebel 4 Armor Rugged Case by Cmore

LG Rebel 4 Armor Rugged Case by Cmore

Want an armor style case? Armor rugged case by Cmore is the answer. The case comes with the familiar green military pattern printed on hardshell PC material.

The inner is made from silicone for shock absorption purposes. This case made our list of 12 best LG Rebel 4 cases and covers because it is packed with features.

In addition to the dual-layer protection on the backside, there’s also a screen protector included. The case also has a foldable kickstand for easy viewing. There’s also a holster, a built-in one to secure your phone when exercising.

LG Rebel 4 Phone Case by RioGree

LG Rebel 4 Phone Case by RioGree

In a glance, phone case by RioGree resembles a tire pattern. The combination of black with red color adds the whole “tough” nuance. Other colors are also available (blue, full black, and purple).

Appearance aside, this case is indeed tough. It is made of two layers of materials: hard PC for the outer and soft TPU as the inner.

A kickstand supports this case on the back. It is foldable and convenient for watching videos hands-free. Phone case by RioGree also offers heat sink design. Your phone won’t overheat even though the case is quite thick.

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LG Rebel 4 Glitter Liquid Case by NageBee

LG Rebel 4 Glitter Liquid Case by NageBee

Glittery cases make your phone a lot more fashionable. Perfect for summer days or holidays, the sparkly pieces inside the case would reflect the sunshine beautifully. Once you try Glitter Liquid Case by NageBee, it’s hard to come back to a dull-looking case.

Your phone is protected on all sides with just one purchase. It’s because this glitter case also includes a screen protector. Anyway, if you’re a gentleman, this case can be a nice gift idea for your girlfriend or wife.

LG Rebel 4 Batman Cartoon Soft Case by FINDWORLD

LG Rebel 4 Batman Cartoon Soft Case by FINDWORLD

One of the popular designs for phone cases is cartoons. It’s not surprising since cartoons are cute, such as this Batman 3D Silicone Case by FINDWORLD.

Featuring one of the most popular superheroes on the planet, your kids will be delighted to receive this as a gift.

As it turns out, there is also other variants besides Batman. You can pick other cartoon characters such as Lilo and The Stitch and Unicorn. The design of the case is also very thick. It’s suitable for children who tend to be clumsier than adults.

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LG Rebel 4 Bling Glitter Phone Cover by iCoold

LG Rebel 4 Bling Glitter Phone Cover by iCoold

It’s no doubt that very girly cases have their own popularity. Bling Glitter Phone Cover by iCoold delights phone users who love sparkles on their device.

The silicone case is infused with heart-shaped confetti that floats around as the phone moves. It’s a fun case to have for the ladies.

Gift it for your daughter or wife for a delightful surprise. This product offers four color-gradient options. As for its quality, this case ensures high-quality durable material with non-slip and shock absorption features.

LG Rebel 4 Cartoon Soft Silicone Case by Allsky

This cute case is the one to consider when you plan to buy a case for your daughter. The design features the popular Disney character Minnie Mouse. The cute design will put a smile on your little one’s face.

Also perfect for a gift, this case is uncomplicated to install or remove. Plugs and keys are still easily accessible despite the stocky built. The manufacturer also ensures all the material used is organic and safe for children, and environmentally friendly.

Among the 11 best LG Rebel 4 phone cases and covers above, select the one that you like the most. After the protective features, consider a case with a design that matches your personality. Buy one for yourself, or send it to someone as a gift.

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