How to Take a Screenshot on TracFone Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG

An easy to follow instruction on how to take a screenshot on TracFone Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG where you can take all kind of screenshot that you want and share it with anyone using the app installed on your phone.

Taking screenshot this day is easy enough. If you owned an Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG and want to capture screenshot from a website page or a snap chat from one of your social media, then you should be glad because it was so easy to do.

Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG

Now let’s get to the point. If you want to take a screenshot on your phone, follow the instruction below:

Prepare the screen that you want to capture. Make sure it was clean from anything that blocks the view such as notification or anything else.

Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time. Now, this is crucial to press both buttons at the same time. Fail to do this means you fail to take a screenshot.

If you push the Power button before Volume button, then the power will go off. If you press Volume down button first, you will end up lowering the volume. In some case, the volume notification will show up on the screen right before you take the screenshot. You don’t want this to happen so make sure you press both buttons at the same time.

If you do it correctly, you will hear the shutter sound. It means that you manage to take a screenshot. A thumbnail showing the screenshot will appear briefly.

Once you take the screenshot, you can view it from Gallery. Open the “Apps > Gallery > Screenshot”. There you will find the whole collection of screenshots you already take before. This is also the place where you can take the next action.

You can view the screenshot, set one as the phone wallpaper, send it using the available app, or perhaps delete it if you find it doesn’t suit your need. It is up to you to do whatever you wish with the screenshot, as long as you know how to take it in the first place.

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