How to Fix TracFone Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Auto rotate feature that stops working on TracFone Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG could happen for different reasons and here you are going to find out what are those reasons and what you can do about it to have this feature work.

Auto rotate feature is part of a convenience feature. It makes us feel much more convenience for viewing the screen in different perspective. Since it works automatically, it means we don’t have to bother changing the setting from time to time.

Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG

But what if this convenient feature stops working? What if the Alcatel Pixi Unite A466B screen won’t auto rotate like it used to? There must be something caused this and figure out the cause will help you find the solution.

The first thing to look at is the auto rotates setting itself. Are you sure you had it turn on? Confirm it from Quick Settings. Swipe down the screen to bring Quick Settings and look for Auto Rotate. Is it enabling already or not? If not, tap on it to enable and makes it work once again.

Look for another route to activate auto rotate feature? Go to Settings > Display > Auto Rotate and check the box next to the feature. Once you make sure you already enable the feature, go back to home screen and change the phone perspective. Does the auto rotate screen work or not?

If you already enable it and somehow the feature is still not working, you need to restart the phone. Restart the phone will clear minor glitch that stops the feature from working in the first place. Restart the phone and after that check for the feature once more.

What if nothing works? Hardware issue is next in line. It means that there is something wrong with certain part of your phone. Do not play around here or you end up making things worse. You better go and bring the phone to a certified technician to have a closer look and find the real problem as well as fix the issue for good.

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