How to Fix TracFone Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG that Won’t Charge

Fix your TracFone Alcatel Pixi Unite A466G that won’t charge by recognizing the possible cause of this problem and have it work once more in no time, and also learn when to stop and bring it to a technician to get it fix.

So, you find that your Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG won’t charge despite the fact that it works just fine the other day. The whole charging related problem like this happen to any kind of smartphone so you don’t have to really worry about it.

Alcatel Pixi Unite A466BG

What you need to do is make a careful inspection of different part of the charging system to find out what cause it and find the solution.

Check the outlet

Do you think that the electric outlet is not working? Why don’t you use different outlet and see how it goes

Check the power adapter

What about the charger power adapter? Is it possible something went wrong with it? Perhaps there is some component that got burned inside. If that so, use a different power adapter, the one with the same specification.

Check the cable

The way we treat cable charger makes it possible for it to break down. Run your finger through the length of the cable. Look for any sign of irregularities which mean that the cable is broken. The solution is to replace the cable with another cable. Change the cable and plug the charger. Does it work now?

Check the port and connector

Take a closer look at the USB connector and USB port. Look for any debris that may stop the current from running freely. Or perhaps there is a broken or bent connector that blocks the current. Fix it and try to charge the phone once more

What if nothing works? Try to remember what happen before you can’t charge the phone. Does the phone dropped or does it exposed to water? If that so, perhaps the whole thing caused by hardware damage and it is obvious you need someone with better experience and better tool (technician) to have a look at it.

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