The 12 Best Samsung Galaxy A20 Phone Cases and Covers

Need ideas to find the best Samsung Galaxy A20 phone cases and covers? Use this list as inspirations. Diverse case design, colors, and style are available.

Galaxy A20 Phone Cases

Samsung Galaxy A20 is a relatively huge smartphone with a 6-inch display. Hence it needs to use a case to protect itself.

Although the screen is already protected with Gorilla Glass, sadly it doesn’t make the phone immune to shattering. Cases and tempered glass are something phone users need to buy alongside their new phones.

Below we curate 12 best Samsung Galaxy A20 phone cases and covers that could protect the phone from dirt and damages. They come with various designs so there’s always something for everyone’s preference.

The collection ranges from armor-type cases, cute-looking ones, girly cases, and simple unisex cases.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Rugged Clear Case by Poetic

Galaxy A20 Rugged Clear Case by Poetic

Rugged Clear Case by Poetic is a case with black frames and a clear body. It’s for people who don’t like to hide their phone design completely. You get bumper protection at the edges, while still able to flaunt the gorgeousness of your phone’s back cover.

The bumper frame, designed in armor style, absorbs the possible impact when the phone falls. Rugged Clear Case is a full-body case, it encloses everything from the display to the back cover. You get a built-in Screen Protector and a clear polycarbonate back cover with TPU lining.

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OtterBox Commuter LITE Series Case for Samsung Galaxy A20

OtterBox Commuter LITE Series Case for Galaxy A20

The black color is always the best choice for a case that goes with any outfit and any occasion. This case from OtterBox adapts that versatility of black color. The design is simple, but still exclude an elegance suitable for a phone like Galaxy A20.

OtterBox case also features a slim design. It’s easy to slide into the pocket or a small purse. Despite the thinness, it’s a dual-layered case with soft inner and hard shell outer. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about protection.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Military Case by LeYi

Galaxy A20 Military Case by LeYi

For those who want to take the phone appearance to the next level, consider this Military Case by LeYi. The military-style case comes with an intriguing design that resembles strength and toughness. But it’s not surprisingly bulky. There’s a nice balance between design and comfort.

There’s a kickstand on the back that also serves as a phone ring. Unfold it when you want to watch video hands-free, or slide into your finger to prevent slipping. The metal plate lies above the kickstand. Use it as a magnetic car mount when you use the phone while driving.

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Samsung Galaxy A20 Protective Case by M MAIKEZI

Galaxy A20 Protective Case by M MAIKEZI

Another black-colored case on the list, Protective Case by M MAIKEZI is patterned with smooth horizontal lines reflecting several shades of black. The brushed pattern ensures fingerprints, sweat, and grease to stay out of your phone. Inside the case interior, the extra grip is provided by the spider-web pattern.

This product comes in a single layer. Made from soft TPU, the case ensure the safety of your phone without a complicated layer of materials. It’s also flexible and has a raised lips to protect the screen and the camera lens.

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy A20

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Galaxy A20

Spigen created this case with simplicity in mind. Spigen Rugged Armor comes in solid black with no pattern except a small area on the top and the bottom of the cover. Made from elastic silicone, the design fits nicely on your phone while also keeping it quite slim.

Spigen Rugged Armor is slightly raised around the screen to protect it from scratches. Buttons are easily accessible thanks to the slim design. This case also claims to be shockproof with its Air Cushion Technology.

Marble Design Case by Fingic for Samsung Galaxy A20

Marble Design Case by Fingic for Galaxy A20

The design of this phone cover looks like an optical illusion. Printed with various marble patterns separated with gold lining, Marble Design Case by Fingic looks super attractive. The unique design is an eye-turner. Get one if you wish to attract curiosity from your friends.

Marble Design Case offers four variants: Purple, Black, Rose Gold and Rose Gold Glitter. The glitter one is perfect for users who want extra sparkle. This case is fun, unique, and feminine. One of the best Samsung Galaxy A20 cases and covers for ladies.

LeYi Silicone Crystal Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy A20

Silicone Crystal Clear Case for Galaxy A20

If you’re overwhelmed with what cases you should buy, a clear case is a no-brainer. A clear case such as Silicone Crystal Clear Case enhances the phone’s original design. It adds that extra gloss to the surface, effortlessly making the phone more beautiful.

This case also comes with tempered glass. Therefore, it will save you the hassle of buying a screen protector separately. Sold for under $10, Crystal Clear Case by LeYi can be your first case before trying out more adventurous designs.

Premium PU Leather Wallet Flip Case by ERAGLOW

Premium PU Leather Wallet Flip Case by ERAGLOW

This flip case by ERAGLOW is a combination of a case and a wallet. The flip cover protects the phone’s screen. It is useful especially for ladies who often put their phone inside the bag. No more worry about the screen getting scratched by other stuff inside your bag.

The flip cover also houses several slots for credit or debit cards. There’s one compartment too for storing a little bit of cash. For women who often carry a small purse, Flip Case by ERAGLOW helps save a lot of space.

Heavy Duty Samsung Galaxy A20 Case by Hapitek

Heavy Duty Galaxy A20 Case by Hapitek

As the name indicates, you can expect a very thick case here. This case offers minimal design with maximum protection. The dual-layer protective case consists of a hard shell and soft rubber. The lips around the edges of the screen are raised to protect from scratch.

Heavy Duty Galaxy A20 Case by Hapitek claims to be waterproof against light sprinkle, sweat, and splash. It’s also snowproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Colors are available in six variants, from simple black to bold purple-pink.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Glitter Liquid Case by Donse

Galaxy A20 Glitter Liquid Case by Donse

This case contains glittery quicksand inside its cover. These confetti-like materials float around following the users’ movement. In addition, faux diamonds adorn the edges for a more sparkly effect. It’s a fun case to have, and a popular choice among girls and young women.

Glitter Liquid Case by Donse offers 6 variants of colors. It is lightweight and slim despite housing a liquid for the glitter on its back. It is shock-absorbing, made from high-quality material, and provides the perfect grip.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Military-Grade Case by ZIZO

Galaxy A20 Military Grade Case by ZIZO

Another military case on this list, this one comes in dazzling blue color. There are other colors available (black, red), but blue looks the coolest of all. Especially with the intricate rugged design on its back. The textures also help add more friction for a better grip.

You get many things with Military-Grade Case by ZIZO. In addition to the case and the built-in kickstand, buyers get a tempered glass and a belt clip holster. All included in one purchase.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Bling Case by SelliPhone

Galaxy A20 Bling case by SelliPhone

The last case in this list is a full-blown glittery case by SelliPhone. The design might look excessive for some, but if glamour is your cup of tea, get this one and you won’t be disappointed. It’s full of sparkle and colors, plus a touch if gold on its four corners. One variant even comes with gold as its dominant color.

Aside from its lavish appearance, Bling case by SelliPhone also provides maximum protection. Shield your phone from dust, dirt, and scratches using this case. The edges have a thicker shield for shock absorption.

Feel free to use this list of the 12 best Samsung Galaxy A20 phone cases and covers as an inspiration. Find a cover you like and click the link provided for purchase. Or add to your bookmark for a future gift idea for friends and family. Phone cases can make a great gift!

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