The 12 Best Alcatel TCL LX Phone Cases and Covers

Thinking about getting a phone case? Find out what are the best Alcatel TCL LX cases and covers for an inspiration. Available in various colors and designs.

Alcatel TCL LX Phone Cases

You just buy an Alcatel TCL LX. So what to do next? It’s recommended to get your phone a case before doing anything else. A case helps protect the phone against the grind of daily use. From dust, dirt, or even from your own fingerprints stain.

Shopping for a case can be fun. Especially since there are a lot of interesting products to choose from.

You can choose a simple design with black color or clear color. On the other hand, you can be more adventurous by choosing a case with an elaborate design.

For inspiration, check out the collection of 12 best Alcatel TCL LX phone cases and covers below.

Alcatel TCL LX Phone Case by STARSHOP

Alcatel TCL LX Phone Case STARSHOP

This list starts with a basic case from STARSHOP. The design looks unimposing with its black color. It’s suitable for buyers looking for a safe option when it comes to design. Some people love simple design as long as it fulfills its main purpose as protection.

As for the protection itself, Alcatel TCL LX Phone Case by STARSHOP comes in two layers. The inner one is a flexible body that’s gentle to your phone. And the outer is made from hard material to reduce impact when the phone falls.

Alcatel TCL LX Case with Kickstand by Ayoo

Alcatel TCL LX Case with Kickstand Ayoo

A basic phone case for Alcatel TCL LX, only with an additional feature. This model comes with a kickstand on the back. Free your hand by unfolding the kickstand and place the phone on the table.

Alcatel TCL LX Case with Kickstand by Ayoo doesn’t offer eye-catching design. It has textured back for extra grip. Buyers also have plenty of colors option. There are 12 options for color in total. Like the previous case earlier, this one also consists of hardshell PC material and flexible TPU as the inner.

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Magnetic Flip Wallet Case by Eagle Cell

Magnetic Flip Wallet Case Eagle Cell

Want a case that also functions as a wallet? Magnetic Flip Wallet Case by Eagle Cell is the one to add to the shopping cart. It is a flip case made from PU leather. Aside fro a slot for the phone, you get slots for cards, cash money, and photos.

What’s interesting is that the phone case is detachable from its wallet body. So you don’t always need to carry the whole wallet. This product comes in 4 luxurious-looking colors. And tempered glass screen protector is included for free.

LeYi Glitter Bling Case for Alcatel TCL LX

LeYi Glitter Bling Case Alcatel TCL LX

Nothing fits better than a bling case if you want an eye-catching cover for your phone. For that reason, add LeYi Glitter Bling Case to your cart. The case design feature mint and rose gold color, covered with shining materials as the decoration. The glitter almost covers the entire of the case.

For a case, looking fashionable isn’t enough although quite nice. But thankfully, this case comes with enough protection for your phone. It claims to be durable, anti-scratch and has bezel protection.

Alcatel TCL LX Glitter Liquid Case by NageBee

Alcatel TCL LX Glitter Liquid Case NageBee

Another glittery case on the list, this one has a more interesting trick on its sleeve. The glitter can actually move around. The little sparkling element is inserted inside some liquid. When the phone moves, the glitter follows the gravity rules and swim around.

Glitter Liquid Case by NageBee is fun to have. It’s stress-relieving. As they claim, this case is where fashion and function meet. Apart from appearance alone, enjoy protective leak-worry design to shield your phone from damages.

Leather Wallet Case by Galaxy Wireless USA

Leather Wallet Case Galaxy Wireless USA

A classy case with beautiful pattern, Leather Wallet Case is fashionable but not too bold like glitter cases. It is made from PU leather too. It’s a suitable choice for ladies who want something more mature, but still feminine. This case is easily one of the best Alcatel TCL LX cases and covers for adult women.

Inside, there are slots for credit cards and a money compartment. The phone cover itself is made from silicon rubber. That way, the case provides protective measures in case of a fall. You can also fold the wallet to make a kickstand.

MAIKEZI Armor Phone Case for Alcatel TCL LX

MAIKEZI Armor Phone Case Alcatel TCL LX

MAIKEZI Armor Phone Case is not your typical case. Designed with bright colors and cartoonish pattern, this case looks more fun than serious. However, it does have features armor cases typically offer, such as thick body design and bumper with raised lips.

Like many other cases on this list, MAIKEZI Armor Phone Case is dual-layered. First, you attach the soft case, then followed by the outer hard shell. Despite the thickness, this case provides easy access to the phone’s ports and keys.

Alcatel TCL LX Tempered Glass by Supershieldz

Alcatel TCL LX Tempered Glass Supershieldz

For your phone display, installing a tempered glass is one of the ways to protect it. Tempered glass is shock absorbing. Therefore, when your phone drops, the tempered glass will absorb the impact and keeping the phone’s display intact.

With this Tempered Glass from Supershieldz, you’ll get a glass that’s well-cut around the corner. It fits well with the screen without creating that awkward gap. The glass also resistant to fingerprints and sweats. Instead of one, buyers get two tempered glass in one purchase.

NageBee Ultra Slim Anti-Scratch Case

NageBee Ultra Slim Anti Scratch Case

If you like a slim case, go for NageBee Ultra Slim Anti-Scratch Case. This case is made from very lightweight polycarbonate. The material provides protection from damages such as drops and scratch. All while keeping the phone slim.

The case design is charming as well. There’s a variant with solid gray and transparent edges. The choice of color is minimalistic and elegant. But if you want a more elaborate design, there are also other variants with glitter and girly colors.

Dual Layer Shock Absorbing Case by Yadoo

Dual Layer Shock Absorbing Case Yadoo

This case by Yadoo features a bulky and rubbery design. It aims to be shock absorbing by dispersing the impact throughout the case body. An extra measure is also taken before the fall happens. The case also comes with a textured back to prevent the phone from slipping out.

The black color makes up the majority of the case. But to make everything less boring, the lining around the edges has different colors. You can pick between blue, purple, and turquoise green.

Alcatel TCL LX Rugged Phone Cases by LEEGU

Alcatel TCL LX Rugged Phone Cases LEEGU

Some people prefer cases with cute and funny design. If that’s your preference, consider a series of cases by LEEGU here. The most hilarious is the one with “Don’t touch my phone” warning printed on the back. It’s going to be effective to keep nosey friends at bay.

Rugged Phone Cases by LEEGU has anti-slip back for better grip. The material is double-layered, consisting of soft inner and hard outer. If you find want some variation, there are other variants too with abstract and mandala design.

Alcatel TCL LX Embossed Strip Case by CasesOnDeck

Alcatel TCL LX Embossed Case CasesonDeck

For fans of embossed cases with 3D design, take a look at the collection of cases by CasesOnDeck.

Furthermore, the embossed texture offers a good grip for the holder. CasesOnDeck offers plenty of designs to choose from. It’s hard to pick just one, so feel free to buy a couple when you feel like you can’t decide.

The flowery pattern makes up the majority of this collection. But there are other types of the pattern too. For example, tribal and vintage-themed designs offer a unisex choice for men and women.

Now it’s time to decide. Which one among the 12 best Alcatel TCL LX phone cases and covers above matches your taste the most? Consider both the design and the feature. And you don’t need to stop at just one case. Buy a couple of different cases so you can alternate between one to another.

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