Things to Know about Tracfone Data Only Card (Updated)

How to Buy Only Data for your Tracfone Smartphone – Find out everything you need to know about Tracfone Data Only Card, how it works, how to get one and how to use it to add more data in your Tracfone smartphone for longer browsing time.

The regular minute card that provided by Tracfone will give call minutes, text message and data to your smartphone. How you use them is based on your personal need.

Some people tend to spend more of their text message quota while other spend more of their data when they use their phone to browse the internet, browsing, downloading, uploading or even watching videos.

Things to Know about Tracfone Data Only Card

What about you? If you tend to use your phone to browse the internet, than you will find that the quota for data you have will run out faster than the one for make a call or send text.

Now what you are going to do? You can always top it off using regular minute card, or if you want to be more specific by adding data only, you can use the special data cards from Tracfone.

What is Tracfone Data Only Card?

Well, to make it easier for you to understand, here are some important things about data card that will explain it all: data card is use to add data only without additional text or minute.

Data card can be use only on Tracfone smartphone or the one that enter BYOP and the amount of data won’t be tripled unlike the one from regular minute card.

UPDATE (June 12, 2016): Tracfone only offer 1 GB Data Card for $10

You can find several different amounts of data card that was offered by Tracfone and they are 300 MB for $10, 750 MB for $15, 2000 MB for $30 and 4000 MB for $50. You are free to get the card that provides you with the amount of data you need.

Now the question is whether it is worth it to buy data card or you can get better deal with the regular minute card. Let’s make a comparison. For 4000 MB data card that cost $50, you actually have to pay $0.013 per MB, while for 450 minute card that give you 1350 data (it tripled) that cost you $80, you actually have to pay $0.059 per MB.

The simple comparison above show you that data card is indeed give you better deal with its lower price, but only if you need additional data and not the talk time and text message.

If you use your smartphone for other thing including make call and send text message, then it is not probably the best deal for you.

If you think that the idea of adding only data to your smartphone is a great idea, make sure that you purchase the right amount of data that will meet your need or it will be a naught.

That is all about data cards only from Tracfone. If you find that the idea of adding only data to your smartphone is the best thing that you can get, then this latest product from Tracfone is the right choice for you.

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