Tips to Get Longer Tracfone Prepaid Minutes

How to avoid running out of Tracfone minutes – Learn simple things that you can do to get longer prepaid minutes for phone call, which allow you to send more text, make more calls and also longer time to browse on your favorite website.

Imagine that you are in the middle of an important call when suddenly you run out of your prepaid minutes and unable to continue the call. It’s true that sooner or later the prepaid minutes you have in there will run out especially if you use it quite often.

Tips to Get Longer Tracfone Prepaid Minutes

Perhaps you wished that those minutes able to last longer so you can make longer call? Well, actually there are things that can help you to make those wish come true and here are some of them:

1. Consider to use a phone that can give you double or triple minutes bonuses

Do you know that Tracfone phone has an amazing feature that will double up or tripled the minutes card you enter to their phone? When you buy 60 minutes card and enter it, you will get not 60 but 120 or perhaps 180 minutes. That is such a great deal that you must seriously consider.

Tracfone cell phone is available in various options from Smartphone and non-Smartphone from different brands. Those phones are usually offered in more affordable price and that makes you extra benefit, the cheaper phone price and the double minutes bonuses.

2. Promo code will help you to get not only cheaper minutes card but also minutes bonuses

When you use promo code to buy something, you can get a discount for that product. But if you use promo code when you buy minutes card, you will bonus minutes, range from 30 to 300 minutes.

30 minutes additional time is a great deal to have and you can use Tracfone promo codes to enjoy that. If you wish to get a bigger bonus minutes, why don’t you try to use the 400 minutes and 1 year service card that will give you up to 300 bonus minutes, which is some deal that you should not miss out.

3. Careful when giving number to other people as well as answering call

This is very simple, because you need to be careful when you give your number to anyone, save friends and family. By doing this you will avoid any unnecessary phone call that could eat up your minutes.

If you get a call from unknown number, think about it before you answer it, just in case those calls comes from telemarketer that will give you nothing instead of losing more of your minutes.

4. Be wise on using the minutes

Be sure to use the minutes wisely. It means that if a text is enough then send a text instead of making a call. Some people run out their minutes because they make unnecessary call, where a simple text is more sufficient.

The same thing goes for every other activity that you make with your minutes. Be wise and think about thoroughly if you really want to keep those minutes to last longer. Those are simple things that you can start doing right now and you can see that you will get extra more minutes on your prepaid cell phone.

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