Tracfone LG 306G User Manual Guide and Instructions

User Manual for Tracfone LG 306G – Learn everything that you need to know about Tracfone LG 306G from this user manual guide where you can find information including the phone specification and the tutorials on how to use each of it for your need.

When you decide to purchase Tracfone LG 306G, you will find that it comes with user manual guide. Just like the name state, this manual will guide you in order to get better understanding about this device and how to use it properly.

Tracfone LG 306G User Manual Guide and Instructions

There is different kind of information that is available in this manual. Start with the complete specification of the phone that will give you the picture of this phone ability. Information that is also included is the phone accessories, its physical size, and performance and battery type.

Not only you can get the information regarding the phone features and specification, you also able to find the tutorial on each and every aspect of the phone. The tutorial will show you how to use the phone specification as well as how to use Tracfone service on this phone.

The tutorial will show you different kind of things. You will find Getting Started tutorial that will show you how to use the phone for the first time, Call tutorial that gives you information about how to make call, Contact tutorial that show you how to store the contact names and how to use it when you want to make call or send message and other tutorial regarding the phone features such as camera, multimedia, Bluetooth, calendar and browser.

As for the tutorial that show you the connection between this phone and Tracfone, you will find tutorial about how to get pending minutes, how to refill the account and how to add airtime. As you can see, the user manual guide could be very useful to help you understand better not only about the phone but also its connection with Tracfone.

Take some time to read the user manual guide and most likely that you will have no trouble when you use this phone for your need.

Tracfone LG 306G User Manual: Download Link (PDF File). This user manual guide is provided by Tracfone and you will download from their server. If you find a broken link, please feel free to contact me through comment form below.

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  1. I don’t know why, but the my LG 306 G phone only works through the speaker phone now. I can’t hear without the speaker on, and apparently no one can her me. Can you tell me how to correct?

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