Tracfone Superiority Over Other Prepaid Services

Tracfone has many benefits for the customers to save their money more than other prepaid plans operators could offer. Although those other prepaid plans operators give the same rule on premise, no contracts, pay as you go, you control your cost, and other programs from Tracfone, the prepaid plans are not equally created. Tracfone has the best at coverage areas and straight forward and also the best at the pricing.

One of the most important factors for Tracfone successfulness is the great and nationwide coverage area of it. Tracfone offers nationwide coverage and has created coverage footprint that encompasses 99% of US population.

Tracfone Superiority Over Other Prepaid Services

It could be this successful because Tracfone uses nations top cellular carriers, and even it offers better prepaid coverage compared with prepaid plans provided by those top cellular carriers.

The differences between Tracfone and those top cellular carriers is, the coverage offered to customers rule. For Tracfone, all customers get nationwide coverage but for those top cellular carriers, they offer full coverage area just for their contract customers while they offer limited coverage area to their prepaid customers.

That is why, Tracfone customers can get full contract plan coverage with buying the prepaid plans from Tracfone.

Other important factor of Tracfone superiority to others is the competitive pricing of it. Tracfone offers best pricing for their customers that reach over than 10 million customers. This amount of customers is far more than other prepaid provider’s customer.

Tracfone can make the customers save more money with best rates from the carriers as it introduced at Tracfone’s Double Minutes for Life Plan. It can reach the low pricing until the rates as low as 8 cents a minute and still there many other promotions offered to customer that gives more chance for customers to save their money.

This is quite a great charm of Tracfone that attracts new customers and can hold them to be loyal to use Tracfone’s products. They prefer Tracfone that other carriers that offer the better per min rates on paper but there is other fee that like “daily access” they have to pay included there. This kind of pricing makes the customers confused and hard to compare it with other pricing.

Tracfone superiority to others is also caused by important factor like the rule’s transparency of fee that the customers have to pay. Tracfone could proof that their prepaid minutes plans is without any hidden fee. So they gives the warrant that what you see is what you get.

Many of carriers that provide prepaid plans have the hidden fees as it uses daily access fees to it, like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltel, and other similar carriers. This kind of prepaid plan service is actually has the same price with the contract plans without the customers realize it. This is different with Tracfone that clearly give the price at front, by the card price, and no other fees to pay.

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