Tracfone ZTE Citrine LTE (Z717VL) User Manual Guide

User manual guide for Tracfone ZTE Z717VL Citrine LTE will assist you to get better understanding about the device, how it works and how you can make use each of the features it have.

ZTE Z717VL Citrine LTE is one of the latest smartphone that join the long list of smartphone that support and use Tracfone service. Tracfone has added more and more smartphone into their collection and this particular phone is one of them.

Tracfone ZTE Citrine LTE (Z717VL) User Manual Guide

Tracfone ZTE Z717VL Citrine LTE supports the 4G LTE connection, which offer people faster and smoother internet connection. This is one of the most interesting features that this phone has to offer along with other.

What kind of features that this phone has? There are many features that you can find from this phone and all of it is listed in Tracfone ZTE Z717VL Citrine LTE user manual guide. A user manual guide will guide you as the user of this phone along the way. It will show you how to find your way around this phone so you can make use each of the features it have.

As it said before, the first thing you will find in this user manual guide is the complete list of features that was build into this phone. ZTE, as the manufacturer of this phone has equipped it with several features including 4G LTE, touch screen, proximity sensor, MP3 Player, instant messaging, GPS, Bluetooth, alarm clock and a 5 MP camera that you can use to take picture and also record a video.

The whole feature was build into the phone that use Android version 5.1 as it operating system. There are more features to see and you can find the information about it in the user manual guide.

If you got stuck and don’t know how to use one of the features of this ZTE Citrine phone, then you can use the available tutorial. The tutorials will guide you to understand each and every feature from the very basic of it, so you will be able to use it and also solve any problem that comes with it.

Tracfone ZTE Citrine LTE User Manual: PDF Download | Online Tutorials. This user manual guide is provided by Tracfone and you will download from their server. If you find a broken link, please feel free to contact me through comment form below.


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  1. I cannot find a nice fitted case for this phone. It is a nice phone but so far i have not found a good case for it. If anyone has found a case for the ZTE Citrine.

    • Welcome to the club. i don’t understand why we can’t find accessories for tracphones, like the more expensive i-phones. Some of us can’t afford the more expensive models, and i don’t think we should be “left out in the cold”.

      Come on Tracphone makers, if you want us to continue to purchase your products, give us easier and better options for accessories, like cases, car chargers, etc. like the bigger and more expensive i-phones do. Thanks for listening.

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