Unimax U452TL User Manual (TracFone)

This Unimax U452TL user manual contains important information for using and operating your phone. While many people skip reading the manual, the truth is that it’s a very big mistake.

A manual is what explains the features and functionalities of your phone, and it contains information which enables you to get the most from your phone.

Unimax U452TL User Manual

This article discusses the contents of the Unimax U452TL user manual. Through reading it to the end, you will know the importance of the included manual.

Do not jump in and start using your TracFone Unimax U452TL and then get stuck mid-course.

Unimax U452TL User Manual

Unimax U452TL user manual is essentially your quick start guide on how to use this phone. Containing 12 pages, the manual is divided into sections so you can easily follow.

What’s in the package?

The section tells you what comes with every purchase of the Unimax UA452TL smartphone. These include the handset itself, battery, earphones, travel adapter (charger) and USB cable.

Knowing your phone

Next is the section that essentially unpacks your phone for you. It contains a diagrammatic representation of how your phone should look like.

You get to learn the location of different buttons and their functions, how to take out the battery and how to charge it.

Getting started

Here, you learn how to use your phone. You get to learn how to power your device on and off, how to personalize home screen, how to activate your phone and how to lock or unlock your screen among other things.

How to make your first call

This section deals with how to call a person for the first time using this device. It contains instructions on what you need to do to get it right.

Capturing photos

There is a whole section dedicated to taking photos with the gadget. It also includes various camera settings and how to improve lighting and even take videos.

Sending an email message

If you need to send an email with your phone, this section contains all the instructions for you. It teaches you how to enter address of the recipient, how to compose mail and even add attachments.

Other topics covered include Wi-Fi, play store and Bluetooth among other things.

Download User Manual

If you are shopping for a budget smartphone with most of the basic smartphone features, you might want to check out this Unimax U452TL.

Sporting an array of features that include 4G LTE connectivity and 5 MP camera, this device is as good as it gets. To get the most of it, the manufacturer has included a Unimax U452TL user manual to help you get started.

Download: Unimax U452TL User Manual (0.5 MB)


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  1. No where in the manual or online does it tell you what the battery model is to replace it when it starts dying and not charging very well (like charging all night and only 5% charged the next morning!).

    We want to replace battery but no where does it say what battery is the right one for this UMX U452TL.

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