Unimax U504TL User Manual (TracFone)

Many people are quick to ignore the user manual of their phones. However, a user manual is so important. It includes the description of the phone, explanations about how to use it, and even pictorial illustrations of the explanations.

The Unimax U504TL user manual from TracFone contains clear and easy to understand explanations.

Unimax U504TL User Manual (TracFone)

Also, given that you are interacting with the Unimax U504TL phone for the first time, you probably don’t know much about it. The manual is like your teacher.

You don’t need anyone to teach you anything because it will hold your hand and walk you on how to use your phone.

Unimax U504TL User Manual

As you would expect, the Unimax U504TL user manual contains all that you would need to use your phone. The manual is divided into several sections, and below are some of these sections:


The manual starts with a section detailing the specs of this phone. These include important specs like display, memory, Android version, camera specifications and connectivity.

The Basics

Next up is a basic introduction into the phone. Basically, it talks about what’s in the box, a brief overview of the phone, battery, how to turn on or turn off your phone and using the onscreen keyboard.

Getting Started

This section walks you on how to start using your device. Among the things you will learn under this section include getting to know your home screen, how to customize it, important display icons, how to adjust volume, how to put your phone into sleep mode and connecting your device to a computer.

Phone Calls

If you are completely new to this device and don’t know anything about calls, this is the section to read. It handles making calls, how to answer or reject calls, using call log, using in-call options, using voice dialer and listening to your voicemail among other things.


Here, you learn about how to create and save contacts, editing or deleting contacts and other account settings.


The part is all about messages and helps you learn how to send, read, receive emergency alerts messages and how to change message settings.


This contains Gmail, maps, Play Music, Google Play Store and Calendar.


Everything about web is found here. These include Chrome, Wi-Fi and download among other things.

Other sections include Settings, Tools, Entertainment, and Bluetooth.

Download User Manual

Your phone user manual is something you should disregard at your own peril. It often contains important information that will help you operate your Unimax U504TL phone smoothly.

For instance, this TracFone Unimax U504TL user manual even contains the most basic things like how to make calls and read and delete messages. In short, you don’t need another teacher if you have this manual with you.

Download: Unimax U504TL User Manual (1 MB)

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