Unimax U505TL User Manual and Tutorials (TracFone)

Unimax U505TL user manual comes with everything you need for setting up your new phone. Understand its features as well as all the configurations needed to get started.

Unimax U505TL User Manual

Unimax U505TL user manual is the guidebook you need when you just unbox your new Unimax U505TL.

It’s recommended to read the manual while you start using your phone for the first time.

There are so many things to do with a new phone, and it can get a bit confusing. A manual will help you set things in order.

Unimax U505TL User Manual

There are several sections in the manual, categorized by features and functionalities. Let’s check them out!


Before you jump into technical configurations, understand first your phone’s specifications.

That’s why this section is put at the beginning of the manual before everything else. Learn what your phone offers, from the camera quality, software version, to RAM size and SD Card support, and many more.


This section covers Phone Overview, the battery, basic touchscreen gestures, and the on-screen keyboard.

In Phone Overview, you can make a checklist of parts and accessories that comes in the packaging. Make sure you receive everything. And then, you’ll learn about battery installation as well as charging your battery.

Once your phone is turned on, the guide you need is the one telling users what each menu is for. That is what this section does. You’ll learn the basic touchscreen navigation such as swipe, slide, and drag.

If you’re unfamiliar with Android keyboard, make sure to stay until the last part of the section, when the menu of the keyboard is explained thoroughly.

Getting Started

To be able to maximize your phone potential, you need to sign in to a Google Account. For some, you might already familiar with this process. But for those, for example, who just migrated from iPhone, you will need this section to help you.

Other things explained in this section are essential Display icons such as status icons and notification panel. You also learn a bit about navigating between screens and switching between apps.

Phone Calls, Contacts, Messages

Learn the most fundamental features of your phone: to call other people. Here, you’ll get to know what are the options that come with the Phone app, aside from the basic making / answering a call.

There are also pages explaining the Messages app and contact management.

Web & Wi-Fi

Know your way through the internet by understanding the vehicle, the web browser. Here, you will learn about the Chrome app.

Starting from opening the app itself to change the browser webpage, the manual presents you with instructions that are easy to read.

If you love watching videos, it’s better to use the YouTube app. Although the app itself is easy to use, it’s still useful to read the YouTube part included here.

Before opening websites or YouTube, the Wi-Fi part is what you need to read first. It explains how to connect your phone with a Wi-Fi network. Without a connection, your phone will not be able to access anything on the internet.

Camera and Sound Recorder

Unimax U505TL comes with a pretty decent camera. There are several settings and modes available to enhance your photo results.

You can manually set your exposure, take a continuous shot, and choosing the picture quality. This section also covers video and sound recording.


Other miscellaneous settings are explained in this section. Everything is displayed in tables, so it’s easy to read and skim through.

All these configurations include Display (Night Light, Sleep feature, Adaptive Brightness), Sound (Do not disturb, Vibrate and Notifications, Touch Sound), and Security (Google Play Protect, Find My Device, Smart Lock).

There are also network settings that haven’t been explained in the previous pages. You can read about Bluetooth and USB connection, as well as Mobile data, VPN, network usage, and Wi-Fi direct. In short, this section explains with a lot more detail.

This section also explains a bit about Firmware Upgrade. Know what you should do if you want to update your phone software to the latest version. Pay attention to some warnings so you can upgrade safely.

Download User Manual

Unimax U505TL user manual is concluded with the Safety Precautions, which you can read on the last page of the manual.

This part is optional, you can read it when you have time. As long as you understood all the essentials configurations above, you have what it takes to run your phone smoothly.

Download: Unimax U505TL User Manual (956 KB)

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