Alcatel TCL LX User Manual and Tutorial (TracFone)

The delightful Alcatel TCL LX A502DL boasts a handful of exciting features to take your phone experience to a new level. But in order to enjoy its full functionalities and features, you need to use its manual.

Alcatel TCL LX User Manual

Today’s phones contain so many features that you can easily get lost when trying to use them. In fact, not many people completely get the best from their phones.

This article discusses the specifications of the Alcatel TCL LX A502DL as well as the included Alcatel TCL LX user manual.

Featuring an impressive array of delightful features, the Alcatel TCL LX is the perfect way to get the smartphone experience.

Some of its features include 8 MP rear camera, Android 8.1.0 Oreo and an expandable storage.

Others include Bluetooth, GPS Enabled, Hearing Aid Compatible and 4G LTE / Wi-Fi connectivity that guarantee you the fastest internet speeds.

Alcatel TCL LX User Manual

The 71-page user manual is divided into several sub-sections, and contains all information you need to get started with your device. The following are some of the sections in the phone manual.

Your phone

Here, you get to learn about keys and connectors, how to get started with your device and the home screen.

Text Input

This contains how to use onscreen keyboard and text editing.


Learn how to capture a photo, record a video and how to tweak the settings of your camera.

Google Apps

The section lists all the Google apps on your phone plus how you can use them. Apps include Gmail, Playstore, Chrome, Google Photos, Drive, YouTube and Maps among other things.

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Found on page 56 of this Alcatel TCL LX user manual, the “Settings” subsection details all the things you want to know. They include network and internet, storage, display, sound, battery, accessibility and apps and notification settings.

Phone Call, Call Logs and Contacts

Here, you will learn about all the things to do with calling. These include placing a call, call log, answering a call, creating contacts, importing, exporting and sharing contacts.

Getting Connected

The section guides you through connecting to the internet, connecting to a computer, connecting to Bluetooth devices connecting to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), and sharing the data connection of your phone.

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This section talks about how to compose messages, how to send, how to receive and how to delete texts. Other sections include making the most of your device and safety and use.

Download User Manual

With your Alcatel TCL LX A502DL, you get so many features that you might think you need training to use your phone. But with an included Alcatel TCL LX user manual, you don’t need a teacher. The manual covers everything you need to know to use your phone.

Download: Alcatel TCL LX A502DL User Manual (575 KB)


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  1. I have a TCL LX phone and the other day the flashlight icon showed up. I haven’t been able to find it again. I had to turn the phone off to get the flashlight to, go out. How do I find the flashlight button again?

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