Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit User Manual (TracFone)

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit (S367VL) sports a variety of refreshing features. To get the most from this device and how the features work, the manufacturer has included a user manual. This article discusses what’s new in the TracFone Galaxy J3 Orbit, as well as key contents of the user manual.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit User Manual

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit comes hot on the heels of the Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, its predecessor. It has various similar features but also sports important updates.

It has the same screen size and even internal storage. However, it features an updated processor, new Android version and more.

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit sports an array of helpful features that include a 5 inch screen. The phone has 1.4 GHz Quad-Core processor complete with a 2 GB RAM as well as an internal storage of 16 GB.

There is also a microSD card that lets you expand the memory to 256 GB. In terms of camera, the J3 Orbit comes with 8 MP rear camera complete with 1080 HD video. There is also a 5 MP selfie camera. Powered on an Android 8 Oreo, the J3 Orbit sports a 2600 mAh battery.

As is the tradition with most electronic gadgets, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit includes a user manual to help guide you through the usage. Here are the contents:

Getting started

Under this section are legal information, how to set up your gadget, about the apps contained in the phone and about the device. This part walks you through the phone so you can get started immediately.


The section of the Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit user manual teaches you how to navigate through your phone. There is the touch-screen navigation, tap, double-tap, swipe and touch and hold.

Samsung Keyboard

Here, you learn how to use predictive text, configuring the Samsung Keyboard and also using Google Voice Typing.

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Emergency Mode

Emergency mode conserves the remaining power of your phone especially when you are somewhere you cannot charge it. You will learn how to activate emergency mode and also how to use emergency mode features.


You get to learn how to change how apps are displayed, uninstall apps, and disable apps and also how to organize them into folders. More importantly, the section lists down all the apps in the phone, plus how to use the apps.


You learn how to configure the settings and connections of your device, customize home screens, features and apps, as well as how to add accounts. You will learn about connections, Bluetooth, airplane mode and data usage among other things.


Accessibility services refer to special features designed to make the Galaxy J3 Orbit a much easier device to use. It enables people with some certain disabilities to also use the phone. They include one-handed operation, hearing and vision among other things.

Download User Manual

The Galaxy J3 Orbit is another of the Samsung’s devices. Released on in 2018, the J3 Orbit is low cost but feature-packed device that aims to make smartphones affordable to more people.

With this Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit (S367VL) user manual, you will find the device much easier to use.

Download: Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit User Manual (PDF)

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