Motorola Moto E6 User Manual and Tutorials (TracFone)

The new Moto E6 comes with Motorola Moto E6 User Manual. It’s something worth to check beforehand. It’s very helpful instead of blindly configuring the phone by yourself.

Motorola Moto E6 User Manual

A manual is often something you pass when you unbox your new phone. Well, consider doing the opposite with Motorola Moto E6 (XT2005DL) User Manual.

Take a look and spare a few minutes to read it. There is a lot of interesting information inside, from how to get started with the phone, to advanced settings you never knew before.

Motorola Moto E6 User Manual

Here’s the summary of the Motorola Moto E6 manual:

Get Started

This section helps you getting ready with the new phone. Here, you will see an illustration of your phone complete with explanation for each key, ports, and components.

Know where the camera is, and where the microSD card is located. With pictures, learn how to take off the back cover properly and put the battery on. You’ll also read tips on improving battery life.

Afterward, the section will guide you through the Google Account signing process and connection to Wi-Fi.

There’s also a brief explanation of touchscreen actions and gestures. By the end of the section, your phone will be ready, up and running.

Learn the basics

Here, what you will learn are Home Screen, Quick Settings, Speak (Google Voice & Assistant), and Direct Share.

Pay attention especially on special features such as Google Assistant. With it, you can give your phone commands and let it do things for you, for example, sending a text.

Customize your phone

Redecorating your phone is made easy by the guide written in this chapter. Need help in changing your wallpaper? The manual got you covered.

You’ll also discover other personalization settings such as for widgets and for your notification ringtones.


Now it’s time to learn Moto E6 apps. Moto E6 comes with explanation for basic apps such as Phone and Camera.

There are also special apps included here. Get to know about Moto Apps and Moto Actions. They are a group of features that can help you save time. For example, with Moto Actions you can navigate your phone with one touch.

Connect to other devices

This section talks all about connection. It is not limited to networks only, but it also covers connection to computers and your phone’s accessories.

For networks, what you will learn are Wi-Fi connection, Wi-Fi hotspot, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and mobile networks.

There is an instruction for each of the connection method. Whichever your choices for internet connection, this chapter has all the information you need.

As for the connection to other devices, you’ll encounter guides for connecting to a printer, a Bluetooth device, and a computer via a USB cable.

You will also have the option to Sync your data to the cloud. If you’re interested, read the last part of this section.

Protect your phone

Since our phone holds a lot of data about ourselves, it’s always wise to keep them secure. Read about protecting your information here.

There is the standard Screen Lock, where you can pick between pattern, PIN, and password as your method of locking the phone.

Also, learn about screen pining. It is to make sure your friend can’t accidentally swipe or switch when you show them something on your screen.

This section also covers privacy. Manage permissions for location and GPS, or make sure you only download apps from a trusted source.

Learn how to track the usage of your data, so you know the amount of your uploads and downloads.


When a problem occurred with your phone, this section will help you overcome it. Troubleshoot contains instruction on resetting your phone or Factory Reset.

There’s also a guide to restart your phone with Safe Mode when an app is causing trouble.

Section Troubleshoot covers more than technical problems. For example, when your phone is lost or stolen, you don’t have to worry about it.

Because you can consult this manual about remotely locking and resetting your stolen phone. Before something bad happens to your phone, you can learn how to activate this feature first.

Download User Manual

When you read the last pages of Motorola Moto E6 (XT2005DL) user manual, you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to know about your phone.

If there’s anything you need to know more, the last page of the manual has “Get More Help” containing links to additional resources.

Download: Motorola Moto E6 User Manual (1 MB)

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