How to fix battery draining too fast on LG Classic Flip

Several troubleshooting methods you can apply when the battery on LG Classic Flip is draining too fast. Find out all the easy-to-do fixes here.

LG Classic Flip Battery Problem

There’s nothing more annoying than a phone with a battery that goes off too quickly. A mobile phone is a portable communication device. We expect it to last as long as possible without constantly charging it.

This battery problem occasionally happens on LG Classic Flip. Often it’s because, over time, we grow reckless with how we use the phone.

Unknowingly users would use bad practices that could decrease battery performance. In the long term, it can cause your battery to easily drain even when you use the phone sparingly.

This article is here to fix the problem. We give you tips on how to fix a battery that’s draining too fast. Explore quick fixes, as well as more long term solutions.

Reduce display brightness and screen timeout

The phone display can steal battery energy without you realizing it. It’s better to tone its brightness and screen timeout down using the steps below:

  1. Press the CENTER key from the main screen. In this step, you reveal the app screen.
  2. Go to “Settings.” Use the navigation keys to highlight this menu, then press the CENTER key.
  3. Go to “Display.” Press the CENTER key on this option.
  4. Select “Brightness.” Press the CENTER key here.
  5. Adjust the brightness. Use the LEFT navigation key to decrease the brightness. Then press the CENTER key to finish.
  6. Adjust the screen timeout. Press the Back key, then select “Display backlight” and press the CENTER key.
  7. Choose the desired screen timeout. You will see several options. Highlight one using the navigation key. Then, press the CENTER key to choose.

That’s how you can dim the display on the LG Classic Flip. Low brightness requires less energy, therefore can help preserve battery life. Like the brightness, the fewer screen timeouts you choose, the more you can save the battery too.

Turn off wireless features

Apart from the display, wireless features also use a lot of energy. So it only makes sense to turn them off when you’re not using them. These features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data.

If you want to be more extreme, you can turn on the Airplane mode. It cuts off your phone from any network, therefore it will preserve battery life greatly. Just keep in mind you won’t be able to receive calls or notifications when Airplane mode is activated.

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Charge the battery properly

To ensure your battery health and prevent it from quickly draining, apply the best practices below when it comes to charging:

  1. Use the original accessories. A charger from an unknown, unofficial origin can risk problems for the battery.
  2. Avoid using the phone while charging. Let the battery become full before using the phone.
  3. Avoid draining the battery to 0%. Charge soon when you get the low battery notification. Don’t wait until the phone drops dead.

Often, battery drain problems are caused by decreasing battery quality, which further results from bad habits in charging. Make sure you adopt the best practices above to keep your battery in its best condition.

Restart the phone

If you suspect a bug is causing the battery drain, you can clear it by performing a simple restart. On LG Classic Flip, here’s how you can restart the phone: press and hold the PWR/END key for at least 5 seconds until the screen turns off. Then do the same process to turn it on again.

Check the physical condition of the battery

Lastly, you can inspect the battery to make sure nothing is damaged. Remove the battery from the back compartment and inspect it carefully. Is there a scratch or any sign of damage and abnormality? If it does, you can consider replacing it.

All the solutions above are what we recommend when you face battery drain problems on LG Classic Flip. They are easy and quick to apply. Hopefully, your battery can go back to being long-lasting and reliable for your everyday communication needs.

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