LG Classic Flip Problems: Can’t Call or Dropped Calls

How to handle calls and dropped calls issues on LG Classic Flip. Learn what you can do when experiencing call issues on this feature phone.

LG Classic Flip Calls Problem

LG Classic Flip is a feature phone. It means people buy it mainly for callings or texting. So what happens if you can’t make a call? The phone would become practically useless.

Problems with the call functionality can happen with LG Classic Flip. They range from the inability to make a call, or you can make one, but it’s always dropped. Another problem users reported is there isn’t any call coming in.

These problems can disrupt your day and work. To deal with them, we provide several solutions below. Contrary to what some people believe, it’s not the end of the world when your phone suddenly refuses to make a call.

In fact, it’s easy to fix them. Often it’s just a slight bug and wrong configurations that prevent your phone from functioning properly.

How to fix the LG Classic Flip that can’t make outgoing calls

Here are several things you can check when your LG Classic Flip refuses to make a call:

1. Type the correct number. You need to enter the recipient number without any error. Make sure you don’t miss even a single digit. If a country code or an area code is required, don’t forget to enter them too.

2. Make sure there isn’t an ongoing call. Your phone can’t make a new call if another call is currently running. You need to end that one first by pressing the PWR/END key.

3. Check your plan. There are two things you need to check. First, whether you have enough balance to make a call. Second, also make sure your service subscription is active.

4. Make sure the network is working well. You can see the network strength through the status icon on your phone. If it’s weak, you can move to a better area. If you suspect the network is busy, try again later.

5. Disable Airplane mode. If you have just traveled with an Airplane, you might forget to turn off the Airplane mode. This mode prevents your phone from using any network-related functionality. Disable it so you can make a call again.

That is a checklist for LG Classic Flip that can’t make outgoing calls. Make sure every possible cause is checked and fixed. That way you can soon communicate with friends and family again.

How to fix the LG Classic Flip that won’t receive incoming calls

When you get a report from friends that they can’t call you, this is what you can do to check your phone:

1. Check the network. A poor connection may be the culprit, especially if you also have difficulties receiving SMS and other network notifications. If you are inside a building, try to move into a more open area.

2. Check whether you constantly have ongoing calls. When you have an ongoing call, other people won’t be able to reach you out. Don’t forget to press the PWR/END key whenever you finish a call.

3. Turn off the Airplane mode. The Airplane mode may be accidentally turned on. Disable it before you can receive any call.

4. Check whether your SIM card is active. A SIM card that has passed its service days is often unusable. You need to subscribe to a phone plan to reactivate it.

Just like dealing with outgoing calls problems, you do pretty much the same with incoming calls. Make sure to check the points described on the list above. That’s how you fix incoming calls issues on LG Classic Flip.

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How to fix the LG Classic Flip that keeps dropping calls

Dropped calls are usually caused by an interruption, whether it’s from the network or the phone itself. Here are several solutions you can apply:

1. Try again later. Just in case the network is busy, it’s possible your call drops due to congested traffic. The solution is to try again in less busy hours.

2. Stay in the area with good coverage. If you are traveling, like with a car, your call can drop when moving from one area to another. Your call can also drop when you enter a building with a thick wall. For a stable connection, stay in one area and don’t move around too much.

3. Automatic end call. Some carriers end calls after 4 hours. It prevents overcharge if users forget to end the call.

4. Reprogram the phone. If the SIM card is new but the phone is old, you might need to reprogram the phone since it might still use the old settings. Contact customer service for assistance.

5. Check the SIM card. Make sure it has no damage, dirt, or it is securely placed in its slot.

6. Restart the phone. Dropped calls sometimes are also caused by bugs. You can restart the phone to clear the glitches.

As it turns out, dealing with call problems on LG Classic Flip is not complicated. A little bit of inspection and you can soon find the culprit behind the issue.

If the problem persists, then you can consult an expert or a technician. We’d recommend contacting the customer service of LG or the customer service of your carrier. You can also find advanced solutions via LG Classic Flip User Manual.

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