LG Classic Flip (L125DL) Review: A Reliable Feature Phone

LG Classic Flip (L125DL) review on this feature phone released in 2020. Find out features available and the phone’s pros and cons. Price info is included.

LG Classic Flip Phone Review

A simple basic phone still has its own customer, such as this LG Classic Flip. This phone is released in 2020 and is among Tracfone’s basic device collections. Featuring a simple flip design, LG Classic Flips cater to consumers who regularly need a phone for calls and texting only. It’s compact and easy to carry.

This device features a 2.8-inch screen and a Quad-core processor. It supports 4G LTE. Therefore can be reliable as a day-to-day communication device.

The LG Classic Flip (L125DL) runs Android-based AOSP 8.1 and is powered by a 1,470mAh removable battery.

There are some productivity apps inside, combined with a simple interface. Let’s dive more into the specifications in this LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌ review.

Key Specs

LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌‌ (L125DL) specifications:

  • Weight: 127g
  • Dimensions: 107.9 x 55.1 x 17.8mm
  • OS: AOSP 8.1 with T9 text input
  • Screen size: 2.8-inch (internal display), 0.9-inch (external display)
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • CPU: 1.1GHz Quad-Core
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Battery: 1,470mAh, Removable
  • Camera: 2MP


LG Classic Flip Front View

LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌ has a compact body at 107.9 x 55.1 x 17.8mm. It comes in black color. The manufacturer uses plastic as the body material. The phone is lightweight at only 127g.

We found LG Classic ‌Flip design not looking old-school as a 2020 phone. It has elegance and is even somewhat futuristic. The top part of the phone, or the front part when it’s flipped, houses a small screen and the camera. The edges are less round but more rectangular. We think this is what separates it from old-school phones.

For a basic phone, having a good keypad is an important thing. LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌’s keys are well-separated from one another. The numbers and alphabets are big and easy to read. They come in white prints as opposed to the black background. So the keys are very contrasting.

The keys are also comfortable when pressed. There are also shortcut keys for the camera and speakerphone on the keypad. The Power key is also located on the keypad. Meanwhile, you can find the volume keys on the left side of the phone.

On the back, you’ll find the speaker and another button. It’s an SOS key that can be helpful in an emergency. Because users won’t have to flip open the phone.

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LG Classic Flip Design

LG Classic Flip features a 2.8-inch LCD screen as its main display. This display has a resolution of 320 x 240. For a basic phone, the size of the display is considered normal. It is a perfect size, not too big nor it’s too small. The display is comfortable to look at as long as you stick to texting.

For messages, it’s still easy to read the text on the screen. A bit lengthier than texts can feel awkward to read, such as an email or a webpage. It is not as comfortable as when you open it on a smartphone. But of course, this is not surprising for a phone like the LG Classic Flip.

The resolution categories as QVGA. It is certainly incomparable to a smartphone screen. For a basic phone, however, it will do its job well. We only found the harsh pixels needed some time to get used to. But other than that, we found the color appears bright enough. The contrast is also decent.

LG Classic Flip has a second display. It’s only a 0.9-inch LCD but useful nonetheless. The smaller screen shows a notification, time, and battery status. It allows users to glance at information without opening the flip. Unlike the main screen, the second screen only shows black and white (monochrome).

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LG Classic Flip Camera

The camera on the LG Classic Flip is only 2MP. It is a single rear camera with fixed focus. You won’t find an LED flash. And selfie lovers would be disappointed with the absence of a front camera. The camera spec here is not something to be proud of with this phone. It is as basic as it can get.

There’s a dedicated button for the camera. So you can take a quick snap without navigating through the app screen. It instantly opens the Camera app. The way the button responds is not that quick, but we appreciate the shortcut nonetheless.

As mentioned before, this camera is a fixed focus. Therefore it won’t be able to separate the object with the background. Picture results are passable. It’s really a camera just for when you have to take out of practical needs.

The picture results are also not meant for keeping memories. The Camera app also has limited features, such as shutter sound and timer.

The absence of the front camera means you won’t be able to video call. Taking selfies would need a combination of timer and the back camera. Luckily, there’s still a video recording feature on this phone.


LG Classic Flip Phone Storage

With LG Classic Flips, users will enjoy the 8GB of storage. That’s quite a generous amount for a basic phone. The actual capacity is 4GB because the rest is reserved by the system.

Even so, it still provides enough space for you to store files. Keep in mind to not get overboard with taking pictures or downloading, because space easily runs out.

There’s an option for expandable storage. You can add an SD card but it means you’ll buy it yourself. It can be a solution for users wishing for bigger storage.

For the external storage, the maximum allowable capacity is 32GB. In our opinion, that would be enough for a basic phone. Despite this number is considered low if applied to a smartphone.


LG Classic Flip Open

LG Classic Flip runs on a 1.1GHz Quad-Core processor. The phone uses a RAM with a capacity of 1GB. For the software, it installs AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version 8.1 with T9 text input.

This device is a feature phone. So we won’t compare it with the performance of smartphones. What we’re trying to assess in this LG Classic‌ Flip review is its performance relative to its original purposes as a basic phone.

First, let’s take a look into how responsive the phone is to get around. Users use the navigation key to go from one to another. It’s not the quickest, but the phone is quite snappy.

The 1.1GHz Quad-core processor does its job pretty well. For a basic phone, 1GB of RAM is also more than enough. Especially because you can’t do multitasking anyway.

The user interface of AOSP looks a bit like Android on smartphones. We can sense a familiarity, especially on status icons and fonts. The Home screen consists of the date and time widget. There are also shortcuts for contacts and messages. The menu option is located between these shortcuts.

You can customize the phone by picking wallpaper and the date and time format. Pressing the middle navigation button from the Home screen brings you to the Apps screen. Here, you will see every pre-installed app available on the phone.

AOSP itself is an Android custom OS. However, here there are no Google apps and everything is pre-installed. Unfortunately, there’s no option for downloading and installing an app yourself.

Among the apps available are Messaging, Contacts, and Phone. For multimedia apps, there are Gallery, Camera, and Music. Some tools are also available, such as Calendar, Stopwatch, and Calculator.

One of the features we found really useful is Voice Command. There are some tasks you can do with only speaking to your phone. You can say “Call” and a contact name to call somebody. Other commands include opening an app and playing music. This is one of the highlights of the phone.

Other accessibility features include compatibility with hearing aid devices. There’s also an option for larger text and TTY. This phone doesn’t have sensors typically found on a smartphone. But it doesn’t need sensors, to begin with.

In conclusion, we found the LG Classic Flip performance to be satisfactory. It’s a reliable phone for basic needs. As long as you know you are not expecting a smartphone-level performance, you will not be disappointed.


LG Classic Flip Networks

LG ‌Classic Flip may be a feature phone. But it has a complete network setup. Apart from 4G LTE, users can also enjoy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device supports VPN and Wi-Fi calling too. Lastly, there are also GPS and FM Radio.

This phone is comfortable for callings. The loudspeaker makes the voice output even louder. If you want to optimize more your phone balance, read this minute saving tips on Tracfone.

LG Classic Flip allows users to have a fast internet network. Here, it means easy email access and video streaming.

Although if there’s any lag, it’s because of the software rather than the network speed itself. So, know that there will be some limitations. Make sure to know how to get the most of your data balance with Tracfone.

For tethering and hotspots, LG Classic Flip ‌ can share an internet network to up to 8 connections. What’s surprising is the Bluetooth. This phone uses the latest version 5. It means you can connect the phone with another device although they are separated by more than 10 meters.


LG Classic Flip Battery

LG Classic Flip features a 1,470mAh removable battery. The type of battery used is Li-Po, so it’s more durable than Lithium-Ion. The phone boasts an up to 15 days standby time. Talk time is up to 6 hours. The battery charging port is a micro-USB type and located at the bottom.

We consider the battery specification on LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌ acceptable. Talktime is a bit disappointing at only 6 hours.

But if someone uses this phone only occasionally throughout the day, the 1,470mAh capacity can be enough. Make sure to turn off wireless features like Bluetooth when not in use.

Is the LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌ a good phone?

If you’re looking for a basic phone, LG Classic Flip is worth considering. As a feature phone, it is relatively recent. So you will enjoy the latest network features such as 4G LTE and Bluetooth v5.

LG sells this phone at $39.99. It is not the cheapest feature phone you can find. However, considering the brand reputation, it’s a high chance you’ll get a device that’s reliable and lasts longer than some lesser brand.

That’s all our conclusion for this LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌ (L125DL) review. A similar phone like this model is Alcatel MyFlip, click the link for its review. Lastly, if you have bought the phone, it’s recommended to read this LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌ User Manual.

LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌ Pros

  • Dual screen
  • 4G LTE
  • AOSP 8.1 with T9 text input
  • Bluetooth v5
  • Voice command

LG‌ ‌Classic‌ ‌Flip‌ Cons

  • Poor camera quality
  • Short talktime
  • Basic apps only

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