LG Classic Flip: Connections and Network Problems

What to do when your LG Classic Flip has network problems. Find out solutions for slow data, invalid SIM, and low signals in this article.

LG Classic Flip Network Problem

No phone is immune to some network problems, including LG Classic Flip. Among the common problems that users reported here are slow network speed and low signal.

There are more problems too, such as the “Invalid SIM card” error and the confusion around setting up the mobile hotspot. These are the problems that can prevent you from enjoying the network-related features on LG Classic Flip.

The good news is, they are fixable. We provide the solutions for each issue mentioned above. You can apply the solutions on your own too, so no need for professional assistance.

Enjoy these tutorials below. Soon you will be able to check that email or share your connection to other devices by using hotspot. You will also get rid of that invalid card notification.

How to turn the LG Classic Flip into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

Follow the steps below to set up the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot on LG Classic Flip:

  1. Open the Wireless & networks menu. From the Home screen, press the CENTER key, then press 9 key (open “Settings”), and finally press 1 key (Wireless & networks menu).
  2. Select “Tethering & Wi-Fi hotspot.” Press the 5 key.
  3. Select the method of tethering. Press the 3 key to select “Wi-Fi hotspot.”
  4. Activate Wi-Fi hotspot. Select the Left soft key to turn the Wi-Fi hotspot on.
  5. Open the options menu to set a password. Select the Right soft key to open the settings menu for the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  6. Set the password. Press the 1 key to enter the SSID and security information for your hotspot.

Now your Wi-Fi hotspot is successfully set up. Connect your other device and don’t forget to enter the password you’ve set before. The hotspot on the LG Classic Flip can handle eight devices at once.

How to fix a low signal issue on the LG Classic Flip

When your LG Classic Flip shows low signals even though you have an active service, try these solutions to fix it:

1. Move to an open area

If you’re inside a building, especially with thick walls, the phone can struggle to find any network signal. Go to an open area, like a window or a balcony.

2. Move to a location with better coverage

It’s also possible that you are currently in an area with poor coverage. This usually happens when traveling. It can be the area is too remote, or the city is not covered yet by your network provider. In this case, what you need to do is move to a better location.

3. Reset network using Airplane mode

If you suspect coverage is not a problem, you can try to fix the phone itself. Reset the network by turning on the Airplane mode, then turning it off again. That way, your phone will attempt to capture the network signal again. Hopefully, this time it’s able to catch a stronger signal.

4. Restart the phone

This method attempts to get rid of any glitches and bugs that could slow your network. Press the PWR/END key for five seconds until the phone is turned off. Then press and hold the same key again to turn it on. See if the problem is fixed.

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How to fix slow mobile data speed on LG Classic Flip

Slow connection interrupts your streaming and internet browsing experience. To fix it, you can try several troubleshoots below:

1. Move to a better area

The slow connection can be attributed to poor coverage. If you’re in a basement or inside a big building, try to go outside to a more open area.

2. Try another time

During peak hours, often the internet connection can be so slow. That’s because so many people are using the service. If you think that’s the case, try to connect again during less-busy hours.

3. Restart mobile data

Go to Setting > Wireless & network. Then press the 7 key to select “Cellular networks”. Afterward, you press the 1 key to deactivate the mobile network.

You can go back to the main screen, then repeating the same steps above to reactivate the mobile data access. The purpose of this method is to let your phone reconnect to the service again.

4. Reset using Airplane mode

Another way to reset the network is by toggling the Airplane mode. Go to Settings > Wireless & network. Then press the 1 key, and highlight the “On” option. Press the OK key to select it then go back to the main screen.

Afterward, using the same method, turn off the Airplane mode. This time, select the “Off” option. Then check your mobile data works connection again.

5. Restart your phone

There could be a bug on your phone that causes a slow network speed. In that case, a simple restart may eliminate it. Press and hold the PWR/END key for five seconds, until the phone shuts down. Then press and hold the same key again to restart the phone.

How to fix “Invalid SIM card” error on LG Classic Flip

An “Invalid SIM card” notification means you can’t use the phone for calling, texting, and internet browsing. It can be frustrating, but here’s how you can fix it:

1. Re-install the SIM card

Make sure your SIM card is securely placed. A SIM card that shifts may be the reason behind the error. To be safe, re-insert it again.

Take off the back cover, pull the battery, and the SIM card out. Then insert the SIM card, followed by the battery closing the back cover. Restart the phone and see if the problem is solved.

2. Check the SIM card for any damage

While re-inserting the SIM card, also check whether it is in a good condition. Inspect from any scratch or damage. If you find one, contact the customer service of your provider for a replacement.

3. Make sure your SIM card is active

If you haven’t used your phone for some time, there’s a good chance your SIM card is out of service. The “Invalid card” error often appears on inactive cards. What you need to do is contact your carrier for re-activation.

So those are the connection and network problems usually occur on LG Classic Flip. Hopefully, the solutions we provided help you get rid of those issues. That way you’ll be able to text, call, or internet surfing without obstacles.

Interested in more features and configurations? Check out this LG Classic Flip User Manual for more comprehensive information.

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