BLU View 2 2023 / BLU View 4 (B135DL) User Manual

Overview of the BLU View 2 2023 user manual with all-in-one information. You can see thoroughly what this device can do for your daily needs.

BLU View 2 2023 User Manual

When your new smartphone arrives at your door, it must be exciting, and we are instantly curious. Stop immediately, and don’t do anything recklessly because it’ll affect your device badly. The overall experience won’t be satisfying.

The BLU View 2 2023 is an amazing device. It would be a waste if you didn’t maximize all the features inside to make a remarkable experience. So, that’s what the user manual comes to you; to compass all the device’s anatomy by dissecting the phone’s important features and uncovering the device’s secrets.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy consumer or just a curious one, the user manual can help you to answer all your inquiries. And this article is a quick overview of the document, especially for those who are not typical technical readers. So, buckle up as we embark on a new journey to this user manual summary.

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Remember, this article is only a glimpse of the manual document. To see your new device’s full potential, you still need to get the BLU View 2 2023 / BLU View 4 (B135DL) user manual. This is the ultimate guide to becoming an expert in the new smartphone.

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Call Functions

The smartphone is a communication device. That’s why its first essential feature is related to communication; a call. Even though it’s like a basic feature of all smartphones, there is nothing wrong with reading about the call functions chapter.

This chapter will guide you through the ‘Call.’ From how to place a call to the information on the call options and logs.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi are two of the connectivity available in all smartphones. Both have different useful purposes and functions. This chapter will help you to know about these two in a comprehensive explanation, including the introductions and instructions on how to start the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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Besides calls and messages, you can communicate with other people through Gmail. It’s an email provider that usually comes in most smartphones. If it’s your first time using Gmail on your phone, it would be better to not skip this one.

This chapter about Gmail is not only giving you information about how to open it or how to send emails. But it’ll also explain the categories that are available on Gmail.


The camera is the priority feature when it comes to a smartphone. Sometimes people are caring about this feature more than anything else. The BLU View 2 2023 has a great camera, and it’s better not to miss anything about it.

In this camera chapter, you will see all the way through how to operate the camera. It starts with how to open the camera, how to capture a picture, and how to record a video as well.


The security features on every smartphone are important. Since every personal thing about you is stored here, you must ensure the device is safe enough for you. Fortunately, the BLU View 2 2023 smartphone also provides you with the features you need.

You will find information about the security status here, like the Google Play Protect, Find My Device, and Security Update. Moreover, there are also the device security options like Screen Lock, Face ID, and Smart Lock.


The BLU View 2 2023 smartphone ensures everyone can enjoy it without struggles. That’s why this device is equipped with some accessibility features. This chapter informs you of features that can be used for people with limited capabilities.

So there you have it! As we wrap the journey through the summary of the BLU View 2 2023 / BLU View 4 (B135DL) user manual, it’s clear that this guide can always have your back. Especially when it comes to guiding you through the inside and outside of your new smartphone.

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