Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown User Manual (TracFone)

The beautiful Samsung J7 Crown S767VL is designed to take your Galaxy experience a notch higher. But with gazillion of features, you may need some help to use it. This article talks about some of the features of the phone, as well as the contents of the accompanying manual.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown User Manual

This beautiful, sleek design is the perfect way to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy phone. Comfortable to hold, you can easily access your phone with just a glance. And the real time device tutorials, only a tap away, makes it easy for you to enjoy the best of Samsung experience.

Continue reading to learn about some of its specs, and what to find in its TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown S767VL User Manual.

The J7 Crown features a 13-MP camera that enables you to capture great shots even in low light conditions, with a 5.5 inch HD screen that gives you the true Galaxy experience. The phone has the latest Android 8.0 Oreo version and sports excellent battery life.

In terms of storage, the J7 Crown has 16 GB internal storage. If you find that this is not enough for your needs, don’t worry because it comes with an expandable microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown S767VL User Manual

This manual contains instructions on how to use the device. It is divided into following sections.

Special Features

This part lists the special features that this phone features, and their usefulness in the phone. These include Hi Bixby, Face recognition, Media volume limiter, Direct Share and Multi Window.

Getting Started

This section of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown user manual, as the name suggests, helps you how to start off with the phone. It contains two sub-sections, the front view and back view, which essentially show you every button and its importance to the phone.

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Setting up your device

Here you learn how to assemble your device as well as how you can start using it.

About the Device

Different topics are covered under this section and they include home screen, navigation, and status bar among others.


This is probably the longest part of the manual. It lists the apps, their importance and how and when to use them. For more information, I would encourage you to read the manual thoroughly to understand these apps.


The display section contains how to control screen brightness, screen quality, and front and screen zoom.

Device maintenance

There is also a section about how to maintain your device so that it serves you for longer. It includes different sub-topics like battery, storage, language and input, and factory data reset among other topics.

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Lock screen and security

This teaches you how to secure your phone and protect your data using Lock screen and security settings. The section contains types of screen locks and how to set a secure screen lock.

Other topics you will find in manual include device administration, security update service, credential storage, Knox active protection and advanced security settings.

The manual is detailed and provides all information on what you may need to do with your phone.

Download user manual

The TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL) user manual is your ticket to using this device. Packed with excellent features, some of them may be too confusing for a starter.

But worry not because this manual has you covered. It covers all aspects of the phone. Just read through the manual to the end and you’ll learn how everything works.

Download: Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown User Manual (PDF)


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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. Just received it last week, and have just realized after a weekend trip, that I can’t use data when I’m away from the wifi! This is the first phone that has had that problem. Does anyone know how to get the data to work?

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