LG Classic Flip (L125DL) User Manual

Summary and download link for LG Classic Flip (L125DL) user manual. Read through the explanations about the content of this manual.

LG Classic Flip User Manual

If there’s anything people often miss out when buying a phone, it’s the user manual. Many new phone users seem to neglect it. But make no mistake, a user manual can be helpful. The technical document is there for a reason.

This LG Classic Flip user manual is also easy to read. Each chapter discusses a focused topic. Almost everything is covered.

Therefore you won’t find it confusing. You can use the index on the beginning to find a topic instantly.

Here is the summary of each section. On a glimpse, you will know what to expect inside this user manual.

LG Classic Flip User Manual

Basic Functions

LG Classic Flip (L125DL) user manual starts with this section. As indicated on the name, here is where the basic knowledge is.

First, you’ll learn about the phone’s components and accessories. It includes everything you got in the box when you bought the phone.

If a buyer is not familiar with a charger or a battery, this is the section to consult. It’s recommended before moving to the next part.

Then you can start learning about the phone itself. The “Part Overview” section explains keys, ports, and other parts of the phone.

Finally, learn how to turn on the phone. Before, you will need to read about how to insert the battery.

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Quick Access

Navigating your phone can be a lot easier using Quick access. It can be confusing to learn at first.

Hence this is what the section is dedicated to. Find out how to make quick volume adjustments.

Then learn about voice commands and capturing a screenshot. This section also includes the way you can access recent apps.

Text Input

LG Classic Flip is a basic phone. You might need to adapt to a hardware keyboard like in the old days.

Learn how to get around the phone’s keyboard using this manual. There are some key functions to help with text entry.

Useful Apps

All things about apps are covered in this part of the manual. There are the common ones, such as Phone and Messages.

Additionally, this section also covers apps such as Camera, Gallery, and Music. There’s also an explanation about the internet feature. If you want to get the most of your phone, this section is a must-read.

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The “Tools” section covers miscellaneous apps. Among the listed app here is Voice command, Voice recorder, and Voice memos.

Here, you can also read about Emails. These sections explain everything from setting them up, logging in, to using it.


The Settings app is key to get the phone to work according to your preference. However, this section also seems complicated. Many people are discouraged because they are overwhelmed. There are a lot of menus to deal with.

People are often afraid to break their phone if they’re not careful. That’s why this section will help many users out there.

The settings covered here include Wireless & Networks. It’s where users can set up their mobile connection or use the Wi-Fi.

Next, there are manuals for Display and Sound configuration. For example, adjusting the brightness and choosing a ringtone.

You can also choose a preferred language, set up shortcuts, and many more. Date and time settings are also present in this section.

Lastly, another important setting is the Call setting. Here, it’s where you can set up voicemail.

It’s also where you can manage blocked calls and set up call forwarding. Make sure you don’t miss this part.


This section explains several accessibility features available on this phone. Among them are Readout, larger text, and color inversion.

This is also where you will find the hearing aid feature. Learn to access it through this section.

Update Center

It’s important to know how to update your phone. Therefore you will always have the newest version of the software.

In many cases, this can prevent errors and issues. But don’t worry, updating software is not as difficult as it sounds.

This section will show you how to do it. Make sure to not miss it. The pages are located after the Settings section.

FAQ Section

This section is very helpful for daily issues. It lists the most common problems users may encounter.

Alongside the problem, readers will find the solution for it. It is presented in a language that’s easy to digest.

Even if you are an average user. If you encounter a problem, it’s recommended to check this section first.

Download User Manual

In addition to what’s mentioned above, LG Classic Flip (L125DL) user manual also comes with more information. For example, the safety page.

At the end of the manual, you’ll also find the appendix. There’s also the warranty information.

In short, this manual is nothing but helpful. Make sure you have a copy by downloading it through the link here.

Download: LG Classic Flip User Manual (PDF)

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