Alcatel MyFlip Common Problems and How to Fix Them (Part 2)

This article is the second part of Alcatel MyFlip common problems and how to fix them. If you haven’t read the previous article, it’s recommended to read it first before proceeding to read here.

Alcatel MyFlip Troubleshooting

As mentioned before in Part 1, users often encountered a problem with their Alcatel MyFlip. Most of them are manageable, such as network problems and human errors.

Therefore, Alcatel MyFlip troubleshooting is an easy task even for the most casual user. No need to rush into a nearby phone service center, as you can fix your phone issues at home.

How to fix when unable to dial a number from Alcatel MyFlip contacts

Do you have trouble calling a certain number from your contacts? There are several possibilities why this is happening to you.

Find out below how to fix when unable to dial a number from Alcatel MyFlip contacts:

  1. Make sure the number is correct. Re-enter the phone number then try to dial again. If you only have trouble with a particular phone number, check to the phone number’s owner whether he/she gave you the correct number.
  2. Check the area code and the country code. Some phone numbers need area code so you can call them. For international calls, you need both the area code and the country code.

Why can’t I find my contacts on Alcatel MyFlip?

Having trouble finding a contact although you are sure you have entered it? Mostly, disappearing contacts is caused by human error, although in some cases, it’s a fault of your phone.

Just check several things below on why you can’t find your contacts on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Make sure you remember the contact name. There’s a possibility that you mislabel a contact. Make sure under what the name your contact is saved.
  2. Check the SIM card. Make sure the SIM card is not broken or inserted properly. A faulty SIM card will not only make you unable to find contacts, it can also prevent you from using any service. For a broken card, contact your carrier’s customer service for a replacement.
  3. Import to phone storage. Try moving the contact data to your phone’s internal storage. It’s possible that your phone can’t read contacts data from the SIM card.

Why am I unable to add a contact on Alcatel MyFlip?

Adding a new contact should be a breeze. But often, you could still encounter a problem with this easy task. For example, you can’t add new contact for some reasons.

Below are the answers on why you are unable to add a contact on Alcatel MyFlip:

  • Check your storage. Your SIM card may be full. When adding a new contact, select your phone storage instead. If the phone storage is also full, you can also delete some files to free up the phone storage.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip unable to send and receive MMS

MMS (Multimedia Message Service) is for when you want to send pictures and videos with your text message. This feature is included on your Alcatel MyFlip.

If you encounter a problem whether in sending or receiving, find out below how to fix Alcatel MyFlip unable to send and receive MMS:

  1. Check whether the server is swamped. If the network is busy, you may not be able to send MMS temporarily. Try again later when the network is less busy.
  2. Check the service availability. Make sure you have the balance needed to send an MMS. Also, check whether your carrier offers MMS with your current subscription.
  3. Make sure you have enough memory. Full phone storage is also the reason behind why you can’t send/receive an MMS. Delete some files to make some space for the incoming message.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip unable accessing voicemail

There are several reasons why you can’t access the voicemail feature on your phone. Although this feature itself is a default on Alcatel MyFlip, you still need to set it up before the first use.

These are what you can do to fix Alcatel MyFlip unable accessing voicemail:

  1. Make sure the network is not busy. Busy network can make voicemails delayed. Try again later on less busy hours.
  2. Check the service availability. Contact your carrier and ask about the voicemail service, whether or not it’s available for your phone or your plan.

How to fix SIM card PIN locked on Alcatel MyFlip

Being locked out of your own phone can be a scary thing. You will have no choice other than resetting your phone and lost your data. However, you don’t need to do a reset if you are locked because you forget the SIM card PIN.

Instead, do the following on how to troubleshoot SIM card PIN locked on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Contact your carrier. There’s no other way than contacting your carrier and ask for the PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code. This code then will be used to unlock your phone.
  2. Do some preventative measures. One of them is to write down your PIN on a paper and store it at a safe place. Another way is to use a unique but easy-to-remember PIN code. These preventive measures can save you some hassle just in case you forget again in the future.

How to fix Bluetooth device not working on Alcatel MyFlip

It’s not a secret that connecting two devices with Bluetooth can be a tricky matter. Sometimes we can argue that Bluetooth works in a mysterious way, especially between two devices that are completely different (eg. a phone and a headset).

In one time you can connect them instantly, in other time you’d try for minutes and even hours but they won’t connect.

Here are several options on how to fix Bluetooth device not working on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Check the other device. Make sure the other device Bluetooth is turned on. Make sure both devices are compatible with each other. Even different Bluetooth version can make two devices incompatible.
  2. Do “forget a device” and pair them again. If your phone has connected to the other device before, try to “forget a device”. Then, pair to it again just like the first time.
  3. Moving the two devices closed to each other. Bluetooth has a limited range. The closer the distance between two devices, the better it is. Move both devices closer for a stronger connection.
  4. Toggle the Bluetooth off and on again. Try restarting the Bluetooth. Sometimes, this is all that you need to do.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that can’t be detected by others via Bluetooth

When you suspect that it’s your phone’s Bluetooth that’s troublesome, you can do the following on how to fix Alcatel MyFlip that can’t be detected by others via Bluetooth:

  1. Make sure it’s turned on. Check again whether your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Make sure your phone is within the detection range. Move closer to the other device. Bluetooth can’t work if both device are too far from each other.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that’s unable to download apps

Alcatel MyFlip lets users download apps from their app store (Kai Store). You can find this feature at the Store icon.

Simply browse through the selection of apps and install. However, you may encounter a problem during the installation where you can’t download an app to your phone.

Check out the following tips on how to fix Alcatel MyFlip that’s unable to download apps:

  1. Check your network. Downloading apps require fast internet. Before downloading, make sure you have strong signal connection. Also, make sure you have enough data balance.
  2. Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data. Not only that it saves your data balance, but Wi-Fi is also often faster than the mobile network. Using Wi-Fi also saves battery.
  3. Check your storage space. There’s a chance you have full storage space, hence you can’t add more apps on your phone. Delete some apps you rarely use or delete big files such as videos, music, and pictures.

How to fix full phone storage on Alcatel MyFlip

When your phone storage is running out, you will get a notification as well as not being able to capture more pictures or download apps. Alcatel MyFlip only comes with 1 GB of internal storage that’s available for users.

When a notification that’s your phone is low on storage, here’s how to fix full phone storage on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Delete some files. To free up space, you need to delete your old files to make room for the new ones. Focus on big files such as videos and music. You can also delete pictures and documents.
  2. Install an SD card. Add more storage space to your phone by installing an SD card. You can add up to 32 GB SD card on Alcatel MyFlip. By adding an SD card, the bigger the size, the more you don’t have to worry about running out of space again.

How to fix battery draining too quickly on Alcatel MyFlip

When you notice that your phone’s battery drains faster than usual, there are some things you can do to extend your battery life back to normal again.

Do steps below on how to troubleshoot battery draining too quickly on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Reduce brightness. A screen at maximum brightness can drain your phone’s battery quickly. Go to the display setting configuration and reduce the brightness to a normal level. You don’t need a screen that’s too bright to be able to use the phone properly.
  2. Turn off features you’re not using. These features include mobile data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. If you really want to save power, turn on airplane mode. But beware that you won’t get notifications and you won’t be able to make calls by turning on airplane mode.
  3. Always charge the battery fully. Charging the battery fully lengthen the time in-between charging. It also makes your batterylast longer.

How to fix slow internet connection on Alcatel MyFlip

You can feel it when your internet is slow. It will take longer to load a website, your music/video streaming is constantly paused, and downloading a file takes longer time.

Slow internet is one of the most common network problems. And it’s mostly caused by the network rather than by the phone itself.

So, don’t blame your phone, instead do the following on how to fix slow internet on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Check your network strength. Move closer to the window. Buildings with thick wall can prevent network signals and therefore, your phone struggle to access the internet.
  2. Move closer to the router. If you use Wi-Fi, move closer tho its source: the router. It can increase your network speed for a seamless and uninterrupted browsing experience.

How to fix poor sound quality on Alcatel MyFlip

Poor sound quality is a nightmare during calls. You could end up shouting to the other person that you can hear them, ultimately wasting balance (and time) on an ineffective conversation. There are several ways to fix this.

Check out below how to fix poor sound quality on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Adjust the volume. The volume is too low, that’s why you can’t hear anything. Reach to your phone’s volume up key and adjust the volume accordingly. If you’re at a crowded place, it’s better to use a headset.
  2. Make sure you have a strong network. Move to an open area or a window so you can hear better. In some cases, poor signals are the reason behind poor sound quality.
  3. Check the speaker, the microphone, and the headphone jack. Your phone’s speaker, microphone, and headphone jack can get dirty thus affecting the sound quality. Make sure everything is clean and not filled with dust.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that won’t call, text, or browse even with a plan

So, you are sure that your phone has the balance it needs to make a call, text, and connect to the internet, yet for some reason, you are unable to do any of those.

This is what you can do on how to fix Alcatel MyFlip that will not call, text, or browse even with a plan:

  1. Check your wireless coverage. You might be at a location/city/area that’s not covered by your network carrier. Always check network coverage before traveling somewhere, especially nature excursion such as hiking, fishing, or camping.
  2. Try going outside. Or get closer to a window. Network signals get weaker inside a building. Expose your phone to an open area so you can call, text, and browse.

At this point, you’ve learned all of the common problems that can happen to an Alcatel MyFlip’s user. Consider yourself (almost) an expert.

You can even help your friends and family with their problem too, or simply redirect them to this article.

Share on social media so they can have the same knowledge as you. Lastly, share your experience in Alcatel MyFlip troubleshooting on the comment section below.

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