Alcatel MyFlip Common Problems and How to Fix Them (Part 1)

Learn about Alcatel MyFlip common problems and how to fix them. This article provides some Alcatel Troubleshooting tips for the popular problems encountered by users.

Alcatel MyFlip Troubleshooting

When using a phone, at some point you will encounter a problem. That is almost inevitable. Before panicking and contact the expert immediately, find out first whether or not your problem is considered common.

Common problems are usually easy to fix, and often it’s due to human error rather than your phone is actually broken. It’s useful to know some Alcatel MyFlip troubleshooting tips so you can fix a problem on your own.

We listed below several Alcatel MyFlip common problems and how to fix them. Consider these a first aid for the first sign of trouble.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that won’t turn on

It’s easy to panic when you can’t turn on your phone. Often, the reason behind your phone that refuses to turn on is due to recklessness, such as forgetting to charge your battery.

Here’s what you can do to troubleshoot Alcatel MyFlip that can’t be switched on:

  1. Check whether the battery is properly inserted. There’s a possibility that’s your phone’s battery is not placed as it should be inside the battery compartment. Take out the battery and re-insert it again. Make sure it’s positioned properly. And then, try restarting the phone again.
  2. Check the battery level. Make sure your phone is charged. Your phone certainly can’t work with an empty battery. If your phone was turned off for a long time prior to this, charge your phone a bit longer than usual. The battery may need more time to get activated again.
  3. Know how to turn the phone on properly. Often, the reason why you can’t turn the phone on is that you don’t press the key long enough. This is how to turn on Alcatel MyFlip: Press and hold the PWR/END key for 5 seconds. Remember, it’s not just PRESSING but also HOLDING. Wait until the display is turned on and then you can release your finger.

How to force restart a frozen Alcatel MyFlip

Imagine you are just using your phone normally. Suddenly, the screen is frozen and no matter what keys you press, your phone refuses to work. When your phone hangs, you can do this quick troubleshoot.

Here’s how to fix Alcatel MyFlip that’s not responding for several minutes:

  1. Wait for a minute. Sometimes your phone experience only a lag due to heavy background tasks. Maybe because you are streaming video with big file size. In another case, it could be you pressed the keys too fast. Don’t rush to restart your phone when this happens. Just wait for a minute or two and let the phone catch up with its operations.
  2. Restart the phone. If the lag persists, you can try to turn the phone off by pressing and holding the PWR/END key for several seconds. You can choose restart or turning the phone off, and manually turn it on later.
  3. Remove the battery and restart. Sometimes, even the power key won’t do anything when your phone is frozen. There’s no option left than to force shut down the phone by removing the battery and re-insert. Afterward, you can turn the phone back on like usual (using the PWR/END key).

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that turns off by itself

Nothing more annoying than your phone turning off by itself during something important. When this happens, don’t instantly think that something truly wrong happened with your phone. Do a little fix by yourself and in a minute, your phone will be up and running again.

Here’s how to fix Alcatel MyFlip that turns off by itself:

  1. Check whether you accidentally press the wrong button. You may press the PWR/End key too long and your phone turned off accidentally. If you want to end a call, go back to the main screen, or lock the phone, simply press without holding the key.
  2. Check the auto-lock. It’s possible that you may turn the auto-lock feature on. When this feature is activated, your phone will be locked after several minutes of inactivity. Simply press the PWR/End key again to unlock your phone. Enter your password if needed.
  3. Check the battery level. A low battery level can cause your phone to shut down by itself. When this happen, simply charge your phone.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that won’t charge

One of the most common problems on Alcatel MyFlip is your phone suddenly has trouble charging. This can means you get no notification on your phone, or you have charged for hours but the battery is never full.

This is how to troubleshoot Alcatel MyFlip that can’t charge properly:

  1. Use the original accessories. Make sure you only use Alcatel battery and charger that comes in the box when you purchase the phone. Using other accessories is not recommended since you can risk damaging your phone if you are not careful. Always use the official accessories.
  2. Make sure the battery is inserted properly. Check whether the battery is positioned well in its slot. Make sure the compartment isn’t dirty, especially the metal part that will connect the battery and the phone.
  3. Make sure the battery is not completely empty. There’s a possibility that your battery is completely drained, especially if you have been not using your phone for a long time. A completely discharged battery needs time to activate. You need to wait at least for 20 minutes until the indicator shows that the battery has started charging.
  4. Make sure the temperature is right. The suitable temperature for charging is 0º C to 45º C. Don’t charge the battery outside that temperature range.
  5. Make sure you have the required voltage input. This is something you need to check especially when you travel aboard. Make sure the electric outlet is compatible with your device.
  6. Make sure the charger is plugged in properly. Sometimes, the reason behind why the charger won’t connect is because you don’t plug the charger deep enough. As silly as it sounds, this is a common mistake among users. So, check the cable and make sure everything is inserted correctly.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that can’t connect to the internet

Not being able to connect to a network is also another common problem on any phone, Alcatel MyFlip included.

It’s also a problem that’s relatively easy to fix. There are several things you need to check when you encounter a network problem.

Follow these instructions on how to fix Alcatel MyFlip that can’t connect to a network:

  1. Check the IMEI number. Check whether your device is a legit device by checking the IMEI on your phone and on the box/warranty card. Dial *#060# on your phone to find out what’s your IME number.
  2. Make sure you have data balance available. Although you already have a SIM card installed, you still need to buy balance before you can start browsing. If you already have a phone plan, make sure you are not running out of data balance.
  3. Check your network settings. Make sure you turn on the mobile data switch on Settings. It’s possible that it’s turned off especially if you’re on power-saving mode.
  4. Try connecting later. It’s possible that the server is swamped, so you have difficulty to access the internet. You can also try to move to an open location. Buildings and walls can hinder network signal, thus making the connection slower if not completely unavailable.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that can’t connect to a network or “No service” is displayed

When your phone display “No service”, it means you don’t have any connection with your phone. You will not be able to call, send texts, and use mobile data. Your phone will be as good as a brick.

In this situation, these are what you can try on how to fix “No service” on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Try connecting in another location. Sometimes “No service” means you’re outside the network coverage area. For example, when you’re going hiking in wilderness. When you’re visiting a city, make sure the area is among the area covered by your phone carrier.
  2. Try connecting later. In some cases, network overload can happen in your area. When so many people try to use the service, the network is jammed for a period of time. Just wait and check again later. You can also select the network manually on the phone’s Settings app. Try to switch to 3G only or 4G only.
  3. Check the validity of your SIM card. Make sure your SIM card has an active plan or is active. You can ask customer service to check it for you. A carrier sometimes deactivates a SIM card that’s not been used for a certain period of time.
  4. Re-insert the SIM card. To make sure there’s no problem with the placement of the SIM card on your phone, take the card out and re-insert it again. Also, make sure the SIM card slot is clean before you reinsert the card.

How to troubleshoot “Invalid SIM card” on Alcatel MyFlip

After you have a SIM card inserted on your phone, there’s a possibility to get a notification that your SIM card is invalid.

Here’s how to troubleshoot Invalid SIM card on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Check whether the SIM card is inserted properly. Make sure the SIM card is on its right slot and positioned in the right way. A SIM card can be invalid just because it’s slipped off slightly from its slot due to several conditions (eg. the phone just fell).
  2. Make sure your SIM card is not damaged. Check the SIM card’s pin. After a long time use, it’s possible for it to wear out and damaged. Your SIM card may also get scratched by accident. If your SIM card is damaged, you can contact the customer service and ask for a replacement.
  3. Make sure your SIM card is active. An out of service SIM card is unusable, that’s why you get the invalid notification. Contact your carrier’s customer service to ask about your SIM card status.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that’s unable to make outgoing calls

What is a phone if you can make a call with it? It’s a frustrating situation when, at one random time, your phone is unable to make a call, especially when it’s going to be an important one. There are several fixes to this problem you can try on your own.

Follow these steps below on how to fix Alcatel MyFlip that’s unable to make outgoing calls:

  1. Make sure that you entered the right number. Even an error of one digit can cause confusion and frustration. Check again and re-dial if needed.
  2. Make sure to enter the right area code and country code. If you want to make an international call, the phone only is not enough. You have to enter the country code, followed by the area code, and finally the phone number itself.
  3. Make sure you don’t already have an ongoing call. Sometimes, you forget to end the previous call before start calling a new number. Press the PWR/END key to finish a call. To make sure, press again until you go back to the main screen.
  4. Check your balance. Make sure you have enough balance left to make a call. For international calls, you may need a separate balance than a local phone call. Always check beforehand what kind of calls your balance covers.
  5. Check the network. During busy hours, it’s possible that the network is congested. Wait several minutes and try dialing again.
  6. Make sure your phone is not on Airplane mode. Airplane Mode disables all kinds of network communication your phone has. Perhaps you turned on Airplane Mode and forget. So, go to Settings to turn it off again.

How to fix Alcatel MyFlip that won’t receive incoming calls

When you suspect that your phone is unable to receive calls, you can do a quick fix to make the phone functioning properly again. Usually, the connection problem is the culprit behind this problem.

For a thorough check-up, here how to fix Alcatel MyFlip that won’t receive incoming calls:

  1. Check whether the network is available. If you’re inside a building, move closer to the window where you can catch stronger signals. If you’re on a remote area (eg. when hiking on a mountain), you can only get signals again once you go back to the city.
  2. Check your subscription status. Are you subscribe to a plan? If you haven’t yet, you have to buy a plan so your phone can function. Also, check your service days. Your plan may already past its service days and needs renewing.
  3. Make sure you don’t have an ongoing call. Always end the call before making a new one. End a call by pressing the PWR/END key.
  4. Check the Airplane Mode. You might enable Airplane Mode when flying or when you want to save the battery. Don’t forget to turn it off again so you can receive calls.

Why am I unable to use the features as described in Alcatel MyFlip manual?

So you have read the Alcatel MyFlip manual and you wonder about a certain feature that you can use, although the manual describes otherwise.

For this, check out why you are unable to use the features as described in Alcatel MyFlip manual:

  1. Make sure you are subscribed to the feature. Some features, such as SMS/MMS, calls, and the internet, requires a subscription upon use. Register to a plan first before using these features.
  2. Check the accessories needed. Several features on your phone need accessories. For example, to listen to FM radio, you need a headset because it serves as a radio antenna.

So those are all the common problems on Alcatel MyFlip as well as how to fix them. As it turns out, it doesn’t take many steps for Alcatel MyFlip troubleshooting. And you can do it by yourself, no experts or technician needed.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask, don’t hesitate to throw as a question in the comment sections below. For future reference, keep this article on bookmark so you can easily find it again.

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